AfterEllen’s podcast “Let’s Process” Episode Four: Caitlin Stasey


Actress and internet badass Caitlin Stasey joins us on this episode of Let’s Process. The openly queer Stasey speaks frankly about sexual identity, feminism, her career and new online endeavor,

25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards - Red Carpet

On being out in Hollywood: “Part of me sort of does feel like, well, it’s no one’s fucking business what I am or who I am. But, I remember growing up and wishing that I had seen somebody who resembled any of the things that I felt. There were no young women my age, or even a little bit older, who were openly gay, or openly bisexual or even openly bicurious. It was always incredibly heteronormative.”

On labels: “No matter what you say about yourself, someone is going to contradict you. If I say, you know what, I’m a lesbian. That’s how I feel. I have a male partner but I feel like a lesbian. Somedays, I feel gayer than I do other days. Sometimes I wake up and I feel asexual. Then other days I wake up and I feel totally gay. That fluidity, that constant ebbing and flowing, is something that we all experience and yet we constantly try to compartmentalize people.”

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