“Glee” recap (6.6): I Choose You


As Burt Bacharach once wisely said, “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love”. That is especially true as Glee starts to wind down to its inevitable end. The last two episodes, “Hurt Locker (Parts One & Two)” really bummed me out, so this week’s Glee was like a giant heart full of coconut candy bars. It was undeniably Brittany’s episode, and when I think how far Heather Morris has come since she was tossing out killer one-liners in Season 1, my heart feels like it might burst open with tiny unicorn shaped confetti. So on with the show!

Like attractive moths, drawn to the flame of romantic comedy necessity, Sam and Rachel continue their awkward dance. They make plans to have dinner together, which causes Rachel and Sam to go all adult contemporary. They sing Burt Bacharach’s “Never Fall in Love Again” in a style very true to the original, and it’s nice. Sweet, cute, you know, nice. They seem love blooming all around them, yet both of them are scared to take the plunge.

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At Casa Pierce, Brittany is doing complicated math equations with crayons when her mother  and father (guest stars Jennifer Coolidge and Ken Jeong) come in to have a serious talk with their brilliant daughter. It turns out, that Mr. Pierce Pierce (who is dumb as a box of rocks) is not Britt’s father after all.

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Her mother explains that on their honeymoon in London, her new husband he declared that he was sterile, when he actually meant, “virile.” So, distraught she went out and had a one night (or should I say, one-stall) stand with Stephen Hawking in a pub bathroom. Hence the genius traits. Brittany takes the news rather well, and switches gears with some news of her own. She tells her parents that she and Santana are engaged and they couldn’t be happier. “Yeasty!” Mrs. Pierce yells out in excitement. Brittany raising her arms in joy, is about the best thing ever.

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When Rachel and Sam see each other later, they both apologize for standing the other up at Breadstix. Sam admits to having feelings for Rachel, but his heart is also still with Mercedes. Rachel, admits that she too has feelings for him, but she needs to focus on getting the New Directions up and running. Sam leaves to teach a health class, which makes me frightened for the children of McKinley.

Rachel and Kurt are still feeling high from their victory at the invitational, and announce that the next week will be dedicated to songwriter Burt Bacharach, who no joke, wrote like a million songs about love. Santana and Brittney (oh, and Artie!) have joined the New Directions for the week, to sit together adorably while occasionally passing judgement on Rachel’s wardrobe. Sectionals are five weeks away, and to inspire the New Directions, Mercedes has taken a break from her busy touring schedule to mentor them. They are excited because Mercedes has become a huge star. We knew it would be you, Mercedes. Hell to the yes.

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In the teacher’s lounge, Mercedes cuts through all the bullshit. She knows Rachel and Sam have been getting closer and she gives Rachel her blessing. All hail Mercedes Jones. She also wants to pull Rachel out of her funk by pushing her to audition for a new musical. Mercedes had her pal Russell Simmons pull some strings and score Rachel a spot, and presents her friend with a round trip (bus) ticket to NYC. Mercedes reminds Rachel that her gift of song is always there, and Rachel isn’t Rachel unless she has an audience. To soothe Rachel’s nerves, Mercedes decides to inspire her through song. She takes lead on “Baby It’s You” with Santana, Brittany and Rachel as back up. It’s giving me Troubletones realness, wrapped in a layer of sweet, sweet, pink cotton candy. Unfortunately, Rachel is too nervous to face New York again, just yet.

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