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Travelers, hello once more and welcome to the third installment of our journey! Today, we’re exploring another genre that tends to favorite our BLT characters–hospital dramas! Any future grad school students among us? Taking a vacation before starting med school? Well, this next leg of our trip is for you. (JK! It’s for everyone! There is no actual science involved!)

While Los Hombres de Paco is probably the most famous show in Spain to have queer characters, I’d like to mention Hospital Central. Why? Because I suspect it might be Spain’s version of Grey’s Anatomy (though officially, they are described as the Spanish version of ER, but shhhh).

Hospital Central ran for 20 seasons (technically, it aired between 2000 and 2012, but who knows how TV seasons work with soaps–I mean, dramas). The show followed the professional and personal lives of the staff in a hospital in Madrid. It had (at least) one bisexual character (Esther) and two lesbian characters (Macarena and Veronica), all departed way before the show ended, yet all three were part of the show for quite some time.

Macarena (aka Maca, try to fight the urge to start dancing) and Esther were a couple for a long while. Maca is a (wait for it) pediatrician (I told you so? Pfft… ER.) She left her fiancé at the altar and came out publicly which resulted in a lot of family tension and was the reason for her move to Madrid to start over.


Esther is the loveable head nurse at the hospital who has a very close relationship with her mother. Esther always identified as a heterosexual, but guess what? The tables have turned. Big time. These two didn’t get along at the beginning. Slowly but surely, they embarked on a friendship that ended being so much more. We sure do love the ships that start with a bit of a stink eye.

The couple was on the show from Seasons 8 to 11. Expect cheating, and pregnancies, and marriage and a whole lot of drama, thrills (in the words of one, Jessica Capshaw.)

spain-05-09-hospital-centralThere’s something about hospitals that makes everyone’s hormones go cray.

Thanks to this lovely Daily Motion user, you can watch some of the seasons with English subtitles.

Here are the girls, getting a chocolate massage (yep) and then things happen. You might also appreciate this, even with the lack of subtitles, and even though Maca is with Vero here, and not with Esther.

The DVDs for most seasons can be bought here, but sadly, no English subtitles. Start a petition! You’ll find that YouTube has quite the selection if you search “Maca and Esther English subtitles.”

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