“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.10): The Little Gun


Back at the Kepner-Avery house, things are hella tense. Jackson and Mama Kepner get into a roil about the baby and God’s plan. Both of them are adamant in their convictions, but April just wants them to shut the hell up. She’s devastated, freaking out, and none of this is helping. There is nothing worse than feeling alone while surrounded by people.

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Amelia joins Meredith, Bailey, and Maggie while they wait for the tumor to print. This is one of those classic, underrated Shonda scenes, where the women of Grey’s just simply sit and have some real, heartfelt conversation. They all talk about their various sleeping situations. Meredith struggles with sleeping alone. Without Derek or Cristina, the bed feels so utterly empty. Bailey complains about how furnacey and snorey Ben is. Amelia misses having someone in her bed too, just knowing someone is there. Maggie finally shares some of her back story. She can’t sleep with anyone else in the bed. Her former boyfriend used to love to cuddle, and she suggested that they have separate beds. Needless to say, it didn’t work out. Meredith considers printing a 3D Derek, you know, for sleeping (and stuff).

Once Cyclops prints, the docs pull all their resources and a few residents to come up with a plan to defeat it. Even Alex joins in.

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Even with the white board of instructions, the docs struggle to see what they are actually working on. As Alex and Stephanie watch from the theatre, something Alex says about the big picture makes sense to Steph and she runs off. 

Amelia sits bleary eyed starring at Dr. Herman’s scans. She’s beginning to doubt herself, so Richard gives her a pep talk. He clarifies that the residents looked at her like she was talking gibberish because it’s simply too much over their heads. She believes in her plan, so that’s all that matters. With that, Stephanie marches in and declares she gets it. Guess who is joining Amelia on that surgery. 

As the docs struggle to help Adrianne, they run out of ideas. Jo brings the model over and holds it above where the actual tumor is. Meredith and Maggie figure out how to tackle it finally and they pull out the nasty looking, real life Cyclops.  It’s really gross so I will spare you the picture.

Callie finds Owen and laments her reluctance to take the tech up on her offer of a no-strings attached one night stand:”The last woman I kissed in that bar, I ended up marrying.” Owen gets it, though. He’s not feeling it either. Before Cristina, no problem, but he’s different now. Callie wonders if maybe they have used up all the “happy” that life has granted them. No way, Callie lady. You will be happy again.

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Alex and Jo are mid sexy times when she gets a text and yells, “Pause!” Meredith taught her that, of course. She answers a text from Stephanie and rejoins the sexytimes. Alex, you know better than to try to resist the women of Grey’s and their bonding.

Speaking of bonding, when Meredith can’t sleep, she Facetimes her sister, Maggie. They chat like friends, which is a hell of a big step. She might have found someone to lean on, and vice versa. Meredith, Cyclops the 3D model, and Maggie chat into the night.

The time has come for Jackson and April to receive their results, and things are not ok. Arizona lets them know that Dr. Herman is on the way in, which means the Big Guns have been called out. She can barely conceal her sadness for the couple, and Jackson literally braces himself for the news.

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