“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.10): The Little Gun


No one on Grey’s Anatomy is getting any damn sleep! This is of course, for various reasons. Meredith can’t sleep because she is person-less and Derek is in DC, Jo and Alex can’t sleep because they are busy boning, Arizona can’t sleep because Jo and Alex are noisy boners (also she sleeps in lingerie alone?), and April and Jackson are nervous wrecks waiting to hear about their baby.

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Meredith is so lonely without Cristina and Derek that she practically jumps on Karev when she sees him at the hospital. He didn’t return her text from that morning, and he tells her it was because of the boning. Meredith explains that she and Cristina had a special “pause” button that they’d hit whenever the other needed them, even during sex. Derek and Owen understood, get with the program Karev. She offers him in on her complicated surgery, but since it’s not PEDS, he blows her off. She manages to sweet talk Bailey into it though.

Jo and Meredith meet up with the patient Adrianne, who is having surgery to remove an aggressive tumor. Adrianne and her husband are bookworms and totally adorable about their meet cute at his bookstore. They ask Meredith to swear on their copy of Homer’s The Odyssey, since it’s basically their bible and what brought them together. So of course they do.

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Arizona is working with April and Jackson to determine what type of osteogenesis imperfecta their baby has. A couple types are manageable, but one is fatal. When they ask about Dr. Herman’s whereabouts, Arizona tells them that she’s the big gun of the operations, while Arizona is the little gun. Right now all they need is Arizona Robbins: Little Gun MD.

Amelia tries to consult with Dr. Herman after her morning’s MRI, but Dr. Herman is condescending as usual. She calls Amelia “adorable” when she tries to explain how she’s approaching her tumor. Amelia is undeterred: “By the time I’m done with your tumor, I’m going to be able to tell you what street this bastard grew up on, and where it lost its virginity.” Dr. Herman was right: You are adorable. Dr. Herman isn’t sure if Amelia is confident or delusional.

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Jackson wants to discuss their options if the news is bad, but April doesn’t want to think about it. She pushes him back and he admits that he would want to terminate the pregnancy if the baby is Type 2. Not surprisingly, this is not what April wants to hear, as she is staunchly pro-life and wants to have the baby no matter what.

As Bailey and Meredith work on Adrianne’s tumor in the OR, they find that it has progressed way beyond their scans and they are flying blind. Rather than try to work in what is essentially the complete dark, they close her up until they know how to proceed, and decide to consult with Maggie. Meredith declares the tumor a “monster.” Meredith, Bailey and now Maggie have to deliver the bad news to Adrianne’s husband Michael. He’s scared, but Bailey whips out her Homer knowledge and uses it to soothe him.

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