“The 100” recap (2.11): Coup de grace


If you’re new to The 100 this is likely going to be pretty confusing—though Dana does a great job of summarizing “the show so far” over here.

Most of you I’m guessing know the show pretty well though, so lets dive right in…to the newest Fifty Shades of Grey themed club!


No, just kidding. Bellamy’s not dipping a toe in the world of BDSM (as far as I know). He’s being processed by the Mountain Men. It’s a weird scene but not one I can argue with. There were a lot of artistic shots of naked bodies getting yanked this way and that and then a phallic medical instrument being inserted into Bellamy’s mouth and—yeah. The scene served to set us up for Bellamy joining the captive Grounders inside Mount Weather. I think it also, consciously or not, served as a good argument as to why The 100 may be one of the more subtle and interesting shows on TV playing with gender and sexual identity.

Anyway, enough of Bellamy—he’s in a cage.

Maya and Jasper are in Mount Weather’s Hogwarts-esque dining having a hushed argument about Monty. He’s vanished, joining the aforementioned “red shirt but not,” Harper. Jasper’s pretty upset and about to do something dumb. Maya would prefer he slap on a pretty face and pretend everything’s OK. Sure, Maya. Dare to dream.


Outside of Mount Blood Letting, Clarke narrowly survives an assassination attempt. Octavia launches at the would be assassins and dispatches them pretty neatly, though Clarke and Abby stop her from killing the one remaining Mountain Man so he can be questioned. Because that always works.

Octavia also discovers a handy plot device—a photo that makes it clear Clarke and Lexa are being targeted by the Mountain Men. I can’t really be mad at how obvious this was, though, because anything that brings Clarke and Lexa together is okay with me. Excuse me while I board this ship…


Abby wrestles pretty hard with maintaining any kind authority in this episode and the trouble starts right away when they get back to camp. She wants the interrogation to go a certain way, the Grounders to behave a certain way, Clarke to react a certain way—and none of it is going Abby’s way.


Not sure what Abby expected, here. Clarke was never going to be the girl she was before she was locked up on the Arc. She certainly wasn’t ever going to be the same after being dropped unceremoniously on a hostile Earth and told, “Oh hey, TRY AND LIVE.” You sympathize with Abby for wanting to bond with her daughter and wanting Clarke to stay, as Abby repeated multiple times, “a child.” But Clarke isn’t a child, not anymore. Clarke is growing into more of a leader with every episode and it’s becoming more evident that she doesn’t quite fit in with the “sky people.” You see a lot of this with Octavia, too. But more on that later.


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