“Top Chef: Boston” recap (12.14): CACAO!


Previously on Top Chef: Boston, the judges were faced with a nearly impossible elimination decision, because all four remaining chefs performed spectacularly. In the end, Melissa packed her knives and went (but, spoiler, she didn’t go very far!). 



::deep breath::

You doing OK, guys? That was a rough one.

This week’s episode opens immediately after last week’s Judges’ Table decision. There’s tension in the air as Mei laments her performance in the Elimination Challenge, as well as Melissa being sent home. She now wants to win for the both of them, and I want that too! A whole lot! Gregory notes that all Dougie does is win, win, win, and Doug’s like, “Yeah, well I’m the underdog, man.”

The next day, the chefs are whisked away on a beautiful tour of the Mexican countryside. Sort of. I mean, it’s definitely beautiful, but they do still have to compete and all. They end up at an absolutely gorgeous farm, where they totally all spring some produce-boners. I kind of do, too—not gonna lie. And then, Padma pronounces some words in Spanish! Woah, boy.

photo1Has anyone checked whether or not Padma is a robot, yet? How does she look SO good no matter what she wears?

It’s the last Quickfire Challenge of the season! Padma’s emotional about it, but the chefs are basically all like, “Good riddance.” The chefs have to use an ingredient that’s a Mexican staple—chocolate!

giphy CACAO!

The chefs are tasked with preparing two dishes—one sweet, one savory—that feature chocolate. Dougie does not fuck with desserts, though, so he’s bummed. The chefs have only 45 minutes to harvest their own produce from the farm, and then cook their dishes. The winner of the challenge will have first choice of sous chefs for the Elimination Challenge.

They race out into the farm to collect produce, and Gregory is immediately at a bit of an advantage because of his gazelle-like stature. Doug and Mei do their best with shorter legs, but are pretty winded by the time they make it back to their stations. Gregory smiles knowingly at his competition, before doing a quick set of burpees. Gregory is a man who knows that you can’t skip leg day.

On the table, there is pretty much every variation of chocolate known to man, but Doug is still very salty about having to make dessert. He basically ends up melting some chocolate and putting it in a bowl. I have a feeling his winning streak is about to come to an end.

Padma strolls through the picturesque farm backdrop with the grace of 10,000 goddesses to smile down upon the mere mortals and let them know they have just five minutes left. The chefs race to finish, and, if you were wondering, Doug still hates chocolate. Padma returns, along with Chef Enrique Farjeat, to speak some more Spanish and wreck all of our hearts forever.

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