“Arrow” recap (3.12): Glades Side Story


Flashback to a teeny Tommy and a tiny Oliver talking about Tommy’s mommy being an angel while a friend of Malcolm’s gives him the identity of the #1 suspect in his wife’s murder. The end of innocence on all fronts.

In the Arrow Cave, Diggle suggests just stepping out of the way and letting Merlyn kill Brick, but Felicity points out that even if she supported that plan, how would Merlyn find him? She can’t find him, and if she can’t find him, no one can find him. The team thinks aloud until Laurel remembers that Brick’s men were using walkie talkies at the diner. She adorably asks Felicity if she can use this information to find Brick, and by the time she finishes her question, Miss Smoak has coordinates.

Arrow 312-5 I legitimately thought they were going to hold hands.

Ironically, those coordinates are the police precinct in the Glades.

Brick calls the three men he sent to the diner into his new office and asks why the two vigilantes are still alive. When they don’t have a good answer, he plays his favorite game: you kill me or I’ll kill you. The first was quicker than most, bless his heart, but was not fast enough. Brick turns to kill the next guy when the lights go out; Felicity cut the power.

Diggle guides Roy and Laurel through the darkness, the two of them moving like shadows in the night, taking down Brick’s goons one by one. When they finally reach Brick, like the boss at the end of a video game level, things suddenly get a lot harder. Things are about to come to terms when an arrow flies and a man in a black hood shows up: The Magician.

Arrow 312-6 This episode was visually stunning.

Laurel and Roy take Merlyn back to the Arrow Cave, where Felicity greets him like a queen would greet a visitor to her court.

Arrow 312-7“State your business, peasant.”

Merlyn says that, in exchange for saving their lives just now, he would like to team up. He thinks their deep-seeded hatred for him might be outweighed by their need to eliminate Brick. Laurel is the first to speak up and say that they know he means murder, and that’s not what Team Arrow stands for. They’ve seen enough death.

After a brief chat with Thea about how Merlyn saved her during the riots, Roy actually agrees that they could use Merlyn’s help. Laurel too is considering it; sure, death bad justice good, but what if they did just turn a blind eye to this? Laurel isn’t about to invite him over to use the salmon ladder, but this really could be an answer to their problems.

Felicity is not impressed.

Arrow 312-8AbsoLUTEly not.

Roy points out that Merlyn saved Thea with no ulterior motive, which seems a little naive. Felicity does not waver. She is sure Oliver would be growling if he were here, putting his foot down against any thought of this. The team tries to remind her that Oliver isn’t here, but that doesn’t matter. Felicity worked really hard to get him to stop being the kind of vigilante who traded one life for the lives of others, to show him the difference between justice and revenge. Hell if she was going to let his team take the easy way out just because was probably rotting in some ravine somewhere. She wasn’t going to let them wear that bloodstain on their souls.

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