“Arrow” recap (3.12): Glades Side Story


Previously on Arrow, Oliver got mostly killed but was revived by Tatsu (who you all let me call Katsu for like a hundred recaps!), Brick took over the Glades in Oliver’s absence, despite Felicity and Laurel keeping the Arrowless Team Arrow as functional as possible.

Oliver tries to sneak out of Tatsu’s cabin, but she catches him, telling him he’s going to undo all her hard work and get dead again if he leaves now. He says he has to go, but she can come with him to be his traveling nurse is she wants. As appealing as that sounds, she declines; she’s in hiding just like her ex-husband. And I can’t help but notice their son is nowhere to be seen.

Back in Starling City, police presence has been pulled, and Brick sends men to collect “tax” from a local diner. And if you thought regular taxes were bad, this tax is just “everything in the register.” But Arsenal and the Black Canary won’t stand for such nonsense, and they swoop in like Robin Hood and Maid Marian and kick everyone’s asses.

Arrow 312-1“I’m a quick learner.”

Felicity wonders why no one is calling 911, but they’re too scared; they think they’re without protection now. Laurel and Roy show them that the police might be gone, but someone is still looking out for them, by throwing a guy out the window.

Strolling past that window, was Sara’s favorite street rat, Sin. She calls after her old vigilante pal, excited to see her after all this time, but the Black Canary and her red-hooded friend motorcycle away.

Captain Lance calls Felicity, offering any help he can. He might not officially be able to do anything in the Glades, but he can slide some off-the-record info to The Hood Squad. Felicity winces at the name and says they prefer Team Arrow. She also mentioned that the artist formally known as Red Arrow is called Arsenal and Lance thinks that’s just hilariously random.

Across town, Malcolm and Thea are training, and when Malcolm bests Thea, he asks her why she hesitated. When she says she didn’t hesitate, she stopped just shy of patricide, Merlyn says that would be her death in combat. Thea reminds him that she just didn’t want to have to carry around a rape whistle, but he reminds her that she has been marked for death by the League of Assassins. Thea reminds him that she did not sign up for this.

Arrow 312-2 Does. not. want.

Flash back to a weird-haired Merlyn comforting a young Tommy after he had a nightmare. He holds his son close and promises that he will never let anything bad happen to him, and he certainly and definitely would not murder him, not indirectly nor directly, not now nor in 20 years. But the doorbell rings and sets the course that would make Malcolm a big fat liar; the police are at the door and they tell Mr. Merlyn his wife has been murdered.

Arsenal meets Lance in an alley to get the info he promised. Lance knows it’s Roy right away, because of the red hoodie he always wears, and despite only knowing him for what? A year? Either Oliver never wore green a day in his life or Lance is in some serious denial about his favorite vigilante.

Back at Arrow HQ, Roy offers to suture Laurel, but she remembers how much it hurt last time, and says thanks but no thanks.

Arrow 312-3“No one will notice the scars. Because arm porn.”

They didn’t have enough evidence on Brick to arrest him properly, but they did just figure out that Brick was the one who killed Rebecca Merlyn all those years ago. And since Malcolm was creepily watching Team Arrow Minus the Arrow do their thing, he finds out too.

Meanwhile, Oliver is trucking through the wilderness when he starts to cough, probably getting something caught in his windpipe via the HOLE IN HIS CHEST. He hears someone tracking him and Tatsu appears, ready with sage advice for him: To defeat Ra’s al Ghul, Oliver will need to learn how to fight. And not from a hip hop boxing class; from someone who trained under Ra’s. Preferably Nyssa. But Maseo is also an option.

Thea finds her new dad freaking the freak out and Merlyn confesses that he thought his first kill was his wife’s murderer, but now he knows he was wrong, that his wife’s death hasn’t been avenged yet. Thea suggests going to the police, or even Laurel, but Malcolm looks at her like he wants to ask her if she’s new here.

Arrow 312-4 “Life was so much easier when I was a spoiled little rich girl.”

He tells her that he really thought he was doing things for the greater good, but his life was a lie. And he’s about to set it right.

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