Australian soap character Charlie Buckton prepares to come out


This week, Australia’s Herald Sun reported that Home and Away soap star Esther Anderson would be playing a lesbian next year. Apparently, her character, Charlie Buckton, is about to come out.

I don’t know much about the Aussie soap, so I looked up Charlie Buckton’s official profile on Home and Away to see if I could flesh out any hints that she might be a lesbian. It only took three seconds before my gaydar was going haywire.

These are all direct quotes. Charlie Buckton is:

25, and has never been in love.

highly ambitious and is quite the perfectionist in everything she does.

fit, passionate, highly educated.

attracting a lot of notice in her cop uniform.

Do you need more evidence that she’s a big, big gaymo? OK, how about some pictures.

Buckton rocking the baseball cap:

Working the black tank top:

Playing stern in a uniform:

Enjoying a dyke-y sport:

Dorking around in a hoodie:

But StuntDouble, you’re saying, you’re lesbian profiling and exacerbating stereotypes!

Yes, I am, and I rest my case.

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