“Gotham” recap (1.14): Gotham Finally Got Ham!


Last night on Gotham, a sinister new villain terrorized his victim with a baby piglet! And it was freakin’ adorable. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

We open with said villain, Gerald Crane (aka the father of famed Batman villain Scarecrow) strapping a man in a chair and dangling him over the side of a building. Crane proceeds to terrify the man by dropping him several floors down, and repeatedly checking his vitals. Still not as terrifying as a pap smear, am I right ladies?

gotham1I don’t wanna be on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge anymore!

Over at his Papa John’s franchise, Maroni and Penguin are celebrating the fall of Fish Mooney and plotting their takeover of Falcone’s territories. Speak of the devil, Maroni gets a phone call from Fish (on a boat to nowhere) ratting out Penguin’s duplicity and telling Maroni he’s being played for a chump. Sidebar: they use the word “chump” a lot in this episode. It’s a pretty solid word, let’s bring it back.

gotham2Yeah, my refrigerator is running, what’s it to ya?

Maroni hangs up and invites Penguin to drive upstate with him to see a man about a thing and definitely not murder him in the woods.

gotham3Then you better catch, you big chump!

GCPD is investigating the rooftop crime scene, where Nigma notices a surgical incision on the body. He wants to investigate, but he’s only forensics and apparently the medical examiner is pissed that Nigma is all over his turf. Once again, Ed Nigma, the only person interested in doing his job at GCPD, is mocked and shut down by his superiors. I cannot wait until he goes crazy and dons that question mark suit.

gotham4Who’s ready to dive into this corpse?!

Essen tells Bullock to watch his back, as half the cops are still pissed that Gordon arrested Flass. Bullock is pissed that he finally has to start paying attention to his work.

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