“Chasing Life” recap (1.14) : Hello, Goodbye


April goes to visit Leo in his apartment, and Leo surprises April (and me) by suggesting they go on a real date, since they started off hot and heavy (and in a funeral home) and he wants to start over. April says she has to work tonight, but is vague about it, and they make plans for the next evening after George’s party.

The benefit turns out to be one awkward situation after another. First, April and Dom run into a mutual friend who, for someone who seems like another journalist/reporter type, is extremely behind on his current events. He thinks April’s haircut was inspired by Les Mis, and assumes the two of them are still sleeping together. After he leaves, April and Dom make a plan of attack; Dom has the connections to get the musicians for an interview, and April has the cancer to get the coordinator for an interview. Dom tries to make a joke about her cancer, but ends up just sounding bitter and cruel.

CL 114-5Side-eyeing you, Dom.

The coordinator, Monica, tells the duo that she picked bands for the event that specialize in love songs, because she believes that cancer survivors make the best partners for each other (kind of the opposite of addicts). This fuels Dom’s bitter fire and he ends up throwing barbs at April during the entire interview. She tries to ignore them and be professional, only addressing his comments when Monica inquires about them, but the whole thing is hella uncomfortable.

Later that night, when April goes to pick up dinner at The Charles, she finds Natalie on her first shift. She tells April that Teeg is kind of clingy and now that she’s crashing at his place she feels obligated to sleep with him. April says that’s no way to live and you can see the wheels turning under that adorable fluff of hair.

Brenna and Sara are walking through town and Brenna offers to help cook dinner as an apology for all the mayhem she has been causing lately; for almost getting kicked out of school with Greer, for almost getting arrested for Greer, for getting drunk to forget Greer… At the mention of the bubbly blonde, Sara asks if Brenna has talked to her lately. Brenna says that though she had been hoping Greer would reach out, she hasn’t heard from her since the night of the romantic gesture fail. Sara asks if Brenna is worried about school starting, and Brenna admits that she’s dreading it. How are you supposed to get over someone when you have to see them every day?


Sara uses this as a segue to talk about herself; she is starting to get over Brenna’s dad, so how would Brenna feel about Sara dating someone new? Brenna is sort of whatever about it but then is distracted by the idea that they should just have the dinner catered instead, because it’s Uncle George, and there’s nothing stressful about him. Right, Mom? Right??

Leo calls April in a tizzy because his parents hired him a nurse named Pete who is cramping his style. April promises they’ll figure it out when she comes over, and hangs up to get a face full of grump from Dom. Dom finally lets out what his thin veil of bitter retorts had been almost holding back and says he’s still really upset about the breakup, about the way things went, about still having to see her all the time. What’s worse, she doesn’t seem that upset at all. “When a heart breaks, no, it don’t break even.”

They get called into the Bossman’s office and get a little talking to about the awkward tension Monica reported back, but they promise whatever was going on between them is super over and that they’ll sort out their baggage and stop letting it interfere with their work. Dom says he’ll send over her revisions, and April says she’ll be sure to turn it around right away.

CL 114-7 “My beanie and I are too good for you.”

April later confesses to Beth that she wanted to tell Dom that she did hurt too, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it. Beth encourages April not to tell any of this to Leo, but April doesn’t want to live a life of secrets anymore, she just wants the truth, always. Beth says she’ll soon be getting the truth always because she met her potential new roommate and she has chronic verbal diarrhea, an inability to stand still, and has already sent over a chore chart. April tells Beth not to call her yet to confirm that she has the apartment, because she has someone Beth should meet first.

At George’s going away dinner, Sara gets hit on by the caterer, and her daughters notice and encourage it. Grandma Emma tries to subtly get the idea out of their heads, and by subtly, I mean she says he’s probably on drugs because he forgot to bring one of his pans. (Side note: Is his a new kind of catering? Hire a personal home chef for the day? Because it seems weird to me to have a strange man in your home cooking for a family of five.)

The girls try to get George on their side, oblivious to his heartache, and he distracts them by giving a toast, telling them how much he’ll miss his family, but that he won’t let the distance come between them.

CL 114-8 Nooo, no Brenna tears.

Brenna asks George what he thinks of Sara and the chef, and George tries not to vomit in his mouth and says he’s glad Brenna looks out for her mom’s happiness like that and makes her promise to keep doing it when he’s gone.

Across town, Beth gets a knock on her door and Natalie strolls in with her suitcase. Beth tells her that April gave her the lowdown on her previous situation and promises Natalie doesn’t have to sleep with her to stay in her apartment. Natalie gives Beth a smirk and says, literally, “Well then, nevermind.”

CL 114-9Ah the nervous laughter of “Was that joking or flirting?”

Beth tells Natalie she can pay month to month, which is exactly how Natalie likes to live. Beth says she’s on her way out to The Charles, and Natalie says they might run into each other while she’s trying to shake Teeg the Bartender off.

At the Carver house, George and April say their goodbyes, then George asks Sara to walk him out. Sara tells George that she changed her mind, that maybe what they have is too complicated, and maybe they both need sometimes simple for now. They kiss goodbye and George walks off into the sunset.

After dinner, April goes over Leo’s and says that she convinced Pete to let her take over Leo’s schedule for the night. Nine pm was bathtime, so she strips down into her underwear and gets into the pool. Leo struggles to follow suit and ends up falling in. They splash around all cute like they haven’t a care in the world.

Before things get too fun, April makes a few confessions to Leo: She had a work assignment with Dom, it’s still hard being around him, and though she knows it would be easier to date Dom, she’d rather be here with Leo. Leo says what they have will never be normal, but April says abnormal is just the way she likes it.

Later that night, she gets the article from Dom, called, “A Lovesick Lullaby,” and April has no idea what to make of it.

CL 114-10#TeamLeo

Dom and Graham head to The Charles to meet Beth, who is running late. They sit at the bar next to a sexy Latina, and lo and behold, it’s Secret Sister Natalie. She pulls out all the stops to flirt with Dom, and then uses him to shake her clingy bartender. Dom plays along, coyly pulling her close to him until the bartender seems sufficiently fooled. They flirt a little more, and when it becomes clear they are both single, they start making out, much to Graham’s dismay.

Right then, Beth walks in and sees them kissing and looks like the floor just dropped out from underneath her.

CL 114-11 Natalie is chaos.

This cannot possibly end well for anyone involved.

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