“Chasing Life” recap (1.14) : Hello, Goodbye


Previously on Chasing Life, Brenna got super grounded for almost getting arrested while trying to break into Greer’s house to see her and for getting drunk with Natalie, April is juggling a post-coma Leo and a grumpyfaced Dom, and George told Sara he didn’t want to be her dirty little secret anymore.

We begin in The Charles (the bar/coffee shop/sandwich shop, not the river) where April and Natalie are having beers together like normal humans and not secret half-sisters who just met. Natalie admits that she’s bummed to go back to Florida; she claims it’s because of the hot guys in Boston, but I have a feeling it goes a little deeper than that. The bartender comes over and flirts with the girls, and Natalie flirts back by being outright mean to him. Some guys are into that, apparently. April says she’s tired and wants to go home, but Natalie wants to go out with a bang, literally, so she takes both free shots the bartender hands them and decides to stay.

CL 114-1Their faces say it all.

Doctor Uncle George visits the Carver residence and is about to have a serious conversation about their relationship when Brenna and Grandma come bopping in, chatting giddily about the Saw franchise. Girls after my own heart. April says she’s in for movie night, but only until George starts pointing out the medical impossibilities. George says they don’t have to worry about him complaining because he got an offer for a new job, so he can’t stay. April asks if he’ll still be able to consult with Dr. Hamburg, and George says they can videochat; when this raises a lot of Carver eyebrows, he says that the job is in San Francisco, and that he leaves at the end of the week.

CL 114-2

Sara tells George she’s sad that he’s leaving and hopes it isn’t because of her; she says that if he stays, they can make a real go of it, tell the girls about their relationship, the whole shebang. He thinks this is just a knee-jerk reaction to his news and that she should really think about it before saying that this is what she really wants; he wants her to be sure.

When April tells Beth the news, Beth wonders aloud how she manages to keep reeling family members in just to scare them away again. While they’re bantering their perfect banter, Beth’s roommate walks out while she’s on the phone, still loud, still annoying, still a total pushover for her asshole boyfriend. When she gets off the phone, Roomie of the Year tells Beth that she’s moving out at the end of the week and to not feel bad that she’s been dating Graham for less time but he doesn’t love her enough to force her to move in with him. Beth looks at her in shock and says she’s perfectly secure in her relationship status thank you but less thrilled with the prospect of having to find a roommate with a week’s notice. Her roommate shrugs and says she has a friend that’s being evicted that Beth can talk to.

CL 114-3Roommates are the worst.

At work, April finds out that her latest cancer article got the most hits and Bossman actually pays her compliments. He announces some changes for the paper, including a new column called Lifestyle, and encourages people to work together for content. For example, there’s a cancer benefit concert, and April and Dom are assigned to work it.

April tries to tell Dom that things don’t have to be awkward while they work together but he just growls in her general direction like the mature adult he is. There’s an expression for this, for why you shouldn’t date coworkers, but it includes language not acceptable for a recap of a show on ABC Family. I’ll let you use your imagination on that one.

When April comes home, she finds Brenna and Natalie chatting on the couch like old friends, and Brenna breaks the news: Their Secret Sister is staying.

CL 114-4Surprise, bitches! I’m not done ruining your lives.

Natalie says she decided not to set an alarm and let fate decide whether or not she should go back to Florida, and fate (plus also probably the late-night partying) made her miss her flight. She says she’s going to stay with Teeg the Bartender and work at The Charles until she gets her footing. April does not do a great job at pretending to be excited, but Brenna is pretty amused by the whole situation.

At dinner, Brenna suggests throwing some sort of mini going away gathering for Doctor Uncle George, and everyone thinks it’s a great idea, because they could use some normalcy in their lives. When the girls leave, Sara tries to convince herself via her mother that not telling the girls was the right decision after all, because the last thing they need is another wrench in their lives. Emma sort of agrees; this year has brought a lot of changes. Cancer, lesbianism, secret sisters, boyfriends in comas, run-ins with the law—could they handle another bombshell? Even a potentially exciting one? The Carver matriarchs aren’t sure.

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