“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.4): Red Dye #40


Lavon suggests that the questioning be put on hold as it is getting late, but the officer insists one more suspect has yet to be interrogated—Annabeth. She confesses to taking chocolates to Shelby’s dressing room, but maintains her innocence. According to Annabeth, the chocolates were nothing more than a peace offering and, prior to the delivery, she checked the ingredients to ensure they did not include red dye #40.

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Prior to the talent show, Lemon and Annabeth discuss the destruction of their chances at winning due to Crickett leaving them high and dry and Shelby’s entry. Brick and Shelby stop by to share what they believe to be great news for Lemon and her restaurant. Shelby plans to use her talent show earnings to buy Fancie’s and make Lemon manager. Brick seems giddy at the thought of Shelby and Lemon working together and Shelby remains completely clueless as to why Lemon may be less than thrilled at the prospect of being demoted from owner of Fancie’s to manager. Lemon storms off leaving a let-down Shelby to lament over her inability to earn Lemon’s affection. In an effort to begin a bridging of the gap between Brick’s girls, Annabeth leaves chocolates in Shelby’s dressing room with a “good luck” message and Lemon’s forged signature.

During her questioning, Annabeth maintains that, although she delivered the chocolates, the red dye #40 was not her doing. The officer seems unconvinced reminding Annabeth that no note was found on the box of chocolates. Tom points out that his goat probably ate it. George suggests that the chocolates be tested for red dye #40.

Zoe and Wade remain in hiding, but their secret may be forced out of the closet sooner than Zoe planned as she has to pee.

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Brick enters the Rammer Jammer to inform everyone of the chocolate test results. No red dye #40 was found. Suspects of Shelby’s sabotage are relieved as they believe they will be allowed to go home, however, the officer demands that they stay as Shelby’s saboteur remains a mystery. Lemon is next in line to be questioned.

Zoe is determined to avoid the crowd despite nature calling. Her confidence is reaffirmed at the sight of a mop bucket. Zoe’s reasoning for wanting so strongly to keep their relationship a secret remains a mystery to Wade. Her resolve to pee in a mop bucket in order to keep their love a secret seems beyond ridiculous to Wade. He demands she tell the truth as to why it is so important to her to keep their love under wraps. Zoe shares her concerns as to their lack of preparedness for the questions that will inevitably come once their romance is publicized. Things between Zoe and Wade are great as they are and she fears that informing people of Bluebell could sabotage what they have. Wade acknowledges the complications that will come, but assures Zoe that their choices in being together and how they raise their child are solely theirs and the business of no one else.

Lemon acknowledges her dislike for Shelby, but maintains her innocence. Rose tells the officer that she never saw Lemon enter Shelby’s dressing room. Lemon is almost forced to reveal the truth about Lavon’s original plans for the money and his love for her as her whereabouts during the intermission are called into question, when Zoe runs out in a tablecloth dress stating she knows whodunit–Rose. During Rose’s planning and preparation for the talent show, she snacked on cheesy chips that contain red dye #40. The cheesy powder from her fingers came into contact with Shelby’s microphone which set off the allergic reaction.

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During Zoe’s sudden declaration, she takes advantage of a captive audience and reveals that she and Wade are pregnant and back together.

Having made a full recovery, Shelby performs her much anticipated number and takes first place in the talent show as originally predicted. Upon receiving the big, fat check, Shelby calls Lemon up to the stage and bequeaths the prize money to the southern restaurateur. Lemon is touched by Shelby’s grand gesture.

As the dust settles, the Truitt brothers–who took second place in the talent show–perform for the town of Bluebell after the talent show. Annabeth and Lemon offer apologies to one another and reconnect. Wade offers an invitation for the Truitt brothers to play at the Rammer Jammer and George gives in to the brothers’ pleas for him to be their manager.

Lavon questions Lemon as to whether she would be open to a relationship with him if there were no Annabeth. Lemon responds that the answer is pointless; Annabeth is her friend which means Lavon and Lemon can never be.

The episode comes to an end as Zoe and Wade have their turn at being questioned. Dash and company interrogate the couple on their plans and Wade demonstrates his ability to care for Zoe and their child by insisting they will be making their own decisions sans the opinions of the people of Bluebell.

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