“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.4): Red Dye #40


Bringing us back to the present, Wanda and Tom are questioned regarding their possible involvement in Shelby’s allergy attack. Tom insists that, although Wanda did not share with him where she snuck off to, he is confident her sudden exit had nothing to do with the mysterious chocolate delivery. Wanda ultimately gives in and confesses that she snuck away to sew Shelby’s costume as her pet goat had eaten it.

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Meanwhile in the land where people wear picnic tablecloths in lieu of conventional clothing, Wade and Zoe continue to debate as to how much longer they can remain in hiding and which Bluebell resident is behind the allergy inducing chocolates.

Annabeth suggests that the chocolates may not have been the cause of Shelby’s allergies and Lemon reprimands her for making herself look guilty. Lemon begins to find Annabeth’s behavior suspicious as well and asks if Annabeth is guilty. Annabeth doesn’t answer with her words, but her face suggests she may in fact be at fault.

As Stanley’s potential motives are addressed, we travel back to the talent show rehearsal. Stanley and Crickett look on as Shelby practices her number and Stanley makes no attempt to hide his disdain for Shelby. He vows to do everything in his power to ensure he and Crickett win and walks away. Crickett is left to converse with another talent show participant who shares her belief that Stanley’s determination to win serves as nothing more than a thin veil over his desire to win Crickett back. He believes that, if they win, Crickett will be reminded of what a great team they make. Crickett is left to ponder the news and possibly wonders whether flaking on her friends to partner with Stanley was an appropriate decision.

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Coming back to the post-talent show questioning, Crickett asserts her belief that, due to Stanley’s strong feelings for her, she believes he would’ve done anything in his power to secure a talent show win. It is revealed that Stanley disappeared for two hours and, upon his return, was convinced he and Crickett would take first place. Stanley defends himself claiming that, while he was away, he was bedazzling his shoes. The unconvinced officer insists that bedazzling shoes does not take two hours and demands to know why Stanley was in Shelby’s dressing room if not with the intent to inject red dye #40 (the source of Shelby’s allergy) into chocolate. We learn Stanley’s time spent in Shelby’s dressing room was in the company of another woman–Sadie.

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Questioning moves along to the Truitt brothers and a mysterious errand is revealed. Before the show, the brothers asserted their confidence in scoring a win at the talent show due to their foolproof plan. Upon this announcement, the Truitt brother disappeared for a significant amount of time which puts them in a position of suspicion. Rose admits to seeing Rudy Truitt deliver a questionable package to Shelby’s dressing room. The Truitts acknowledge the truth in Rose’s statement, but report that they were simply storing the dry ice to be used in their act in Shelby’s refrigerator.

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