“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.4): Red Dye #40


Lavon calls a meeting with Bluebell locals to announce a surplus of funds and his plans to put said money toward the talent show. Upon hearing the announcement, Annabeth, Lemon, and Crickett agree to perform their Dreamgirls routine.


Coming back to the present just following Shelby’s less than perfect performance, an out of practice Bluebell police officer attempts to investigate the potential sabotage of Shelby’s jazzy number. Lavon suggests clearing everyone out and meeting at the Rammer Jammer to further investigate the culprit of the crime. Unfortunately for Wade and Zoe, the unannounced Rammer Jammer visitors left no time for an escape. The couple hides behind the bar wrapped up in tablecloths.

Lavon announces that Shelby will be fine, but plans to press charges. Questioning of all involved with the talent show begins. Rose reveals that she saw Wanda, Stanley, Rudy, and Annabeth enter Shelby’s dressing room while she wasn’t there.

Wade and Zoe discuss their next steps as they continue to hide out. Wade suggests they take the opportunity to reveal their secret, but Zoe seems to think it would be much more fun to sit in the back and listen as talent show participants are questioned. As Wanda is interrogated, she asserts her lack of motive.

Once again, we venture back to earlier in the day when Wanda tells Tom how desperate she is to win the talent show.

Crickett and Stanley meet to discuss future plans. Crickett asks for a divorce; Stanley asks Crickett to perform alongside him in the talent show. Each agrees to oblige the other’s request.

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In talking with Annabeth, Brick comes up with a plan to encourage the forming of a bond between Shelby and Lemon. He decides he’ll ask Shelby to enter the talent show, so his daughter and girlfriend can find a connection through their shared love of the theatre. Annabeth is distracted at the sight of Stanley and Crickett practicing a routine and attempts to stop Brick from following through with his plan a second too late.

Lemon confronts Lavon regarding his plans for Bluebell’s surplus. She accuses him of conjuring up this plan in an effort to give Lemon the money despite her earlier refusal. Lavon does not deny Lemon’s suggestion. Lemon, although initially scolding Lavon, seems charmed by his determination to keep the doors of her business open. Lavon knows that Fancie’s holds Lemon’s dreams and passions and wants to use the benefits of his position to ensure the woman he loves is able to maintain what she has worked to build.

Tansy invites George to watch her brothers practice their talent show number with ulterior motives. Tansy has assured her brothers that George will serve as their manager. George seems less than enthused at the prospect of managing a group of men singing about moonshine, but is coaxed in to helping – at least for the talent show.

Lemon is quite disappointed to hear two pieces of news that will not bode well for her chances of winning the talent show. Crickett will be partnering with Stanley instead and Shelby plans to compete. Knowing of Shelby’s exceptional abilities in singing and performing, Lemon is none too pleased. Annabeth suggests that Shelby must be out of practice and will not be a threat, but both Annabeth and Lemon seem to doubt the truth in this presumption. During rehearsal, Shelby proves to be as capable as ever as Annabeth and Lemon’s confidence continues to diminish and their frustration rises. Wanda suspiciously sneaks away without revealing her plans to Tom.

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