“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.4): Red Dye #40


Zoe and Wade have seemingly figured out a way to make their situation work – back together and a baby on the way. Will the smooth sailing last? George has finally found it in himself to let go of Lemon and move on while Lavon’s feelings remain. To further complicate the situation, Annabeth has confessed her love for Lavon while Lemon keeps Lavon’s love for her a secret–at least for now. And at present, Crickett’s love life remains uneventful as the most excitement she seems to have experienced is bonding with her newly adopted cat.

Although Zoe and Wade have reconciled, it appears they wish to keep their reunification a secret from Bluebell. Zoe takes advantage of Bluebellians’ occupation with the local talent show and pays Wade a conjugal visit at the empty Rammer Jammer.


Meanwhile, the rest of Bluebell civilization is in attendance at the talent show as Shelby, a shoo-in for first place, thanks Brick for his surprise gift of chocolates. Brick insists that the chocolates are not from him. Shelby goes on stage and, before she can finish the phrase, “All that jazz,” she experiences an allergy attack effectively ruining her shot at the blue ribbon. Dash states the obvious suspicion that Shelby’s performance has been sabotaged.

Taking us back to events earlier in the day, Wade and Zoe have a post-coital discussion as to whether they should make their romance public. Wade has grown tired of hiding his love for her and is ready to begin a proper relationship of going on dates, kissing beyond closed doors, and showing the world how much he loves Zoe. Zoe disagrees and communicates her love for the “bubble” they’ve created; she enjoys it being just the two of them. She insists that they should wait a few more days before letting Bluebell in on their secret.

Lemon, having been denied capital from her grandmother, prepares to sell Fancie’s. Lavon steps in to offer her a loan to keep Fancie’s open. It is clear that love is the motivator behind his generous offer, however he insists that his desire to fund Fancie’s is purely mayoral. Fancie’s is good for Bluebell tourism and diners need options other than the Rammer Jammer. Lemon seems appreciative of Lavon’s offer, but declines.


George provides legal assistance to Tansy’s redneck brothers. Although nothing of substance has occurred just yet between the two, it seems that a spark may be forming as Tansy communicates her genuine appreciation for George’s kindness despite her brothers’ ridiculous behavior.


Brick shares with Lemon of Shelby’s plans for a romantic weekend visit sans baby Ethel. Although Lemon is happy to see her father in love, she expresses her distrust of Shelby. Crickett seems to have finally cracked the code as to why Jaysene hasn’t called since asking her out – she found out Crickett and Stanley are still married. Crickett resolves to begin divorce proceedings.

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