“Black Sails” recap (2.2): Come to My Window


Previously on Black Sails, Eleanor told Vane to man up and act like a member of her consortium, Ned Low made himself known as the new baddie in town by threatening Eleanor and capturing a woman off a ship, Flint and Silver teamed up and stole a Spanish warship, and Anne Bonny kissed a girl and she liked it.

We open on a beach where a man is wrapped in leather and left out to bake. A shady character talks to him, saying he needs the prisoner’s help and that this weird torture will be how he gets said help. Before we leave this mystery behind, we see that the prisoner is our very own Billy.

Ex-captain Flint says that Silver could be free if he wanted to be and asks why he would want to help Flint take back his crew. Silver says the pirate life just isn’t for him and that this is more beneficial; he helps Flint, gets one big prize, then gets the biggest prize of all: Freedom. Silver asks exactly what the plan is, and Flint says he plans on being captain again in two days’ time. Silver doesn’t look especially like he believes this plan will work but when you voluntarily board the crazy train, you can’t really question its path.

On the ship called Fancy, Quartermaster Meeks asks Captain Ned Lowe if he was really so stupid as to threaten one Miss Eleanor Guthrie. When Ned doesn’t deny it, Meeks says it’s a terrible plan, because they need the relationship, and the reward of being in her good graces is higher than the cost of the mark down she offered for the bloody barrels. Ned Lowe, however, is not as forward thinking as some of his peers; he is not afraid of some little girl and has some pretty vulgar things to say to prove it. Ned laughs with his crew and Meeks look more than mildly concerned.

Meanwhile, on Nassau, Max pays Anne a visit, wearing a lovely blue dress.

Black Sails 202-1 Of course she wore her most beautiful outfit for this conversation.

 They sit in silence for a moment, and Anne finally speaks, saying Jack took her in, and she owes her life to him; but that when you owe someone so much, your life doesn’t feel like your own. She thinks back to last night and can’t find the words to express what it meant to her, how she felt about it. How much she enjoyed it, how much she needed it, how guilty she felt about it. Instead she takes a swig of her drink and sighs.

Max reaches out and touches Anne’s hand, and this time Anne doesn’t flinch or pull away or growl.

Black Sails 202-2

Max tells Anne that last night can be a one-time thing, if that’s what she truly wants; she’s not going to push it. But also she’s welcome to make it a two-time thing, or more if she so chooses. Mustachio Jack walks by and sees the hand-touching and knows that if Max is after his girl, he’s in a heap of trouble.

Back out on the ocean, while Silver paces around and tries to figure out how he can become essential to the crew, Flint visits the acting captain and weaves his socio-pathically conniving web of suggestion and manipulation, telling Dufresne about two paths he could choose, and which one he would have chosen when he were captain.

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