Foreign Affairs: Both Sides of the Law


Welcome back, travelers. Today, we’re hoping on a train to review some of the shows on both sides of the law. Whether we’re in prison, in court, or at the precinct, one thing is for certain: Gayness will ensue. Keep your hands inside the car for the first part of today’s route, otherwise your safe return is not guaranteed, and there will be spoilers to anything and everything.

’Till the Cage is Full

Our very first stop in this journey in which, it seems, we’ll have to teleport quite a lot, is Mexico.

On the very first article of this series, I mentioned that prison shows tend to give us a lot of BLT characters, and Capadocia: Un Lugar Sin Perdón is no exception.

As you can imagine, the show (set in Mexico City) follows the lives of the prisoners and their background stories. The characters we care about are Marta and Selma, two inmates whom, sadly, get separated through the course of the show when one of them is released. How does it end, you ask? Well, apparently pretty darn well judging by this photo.

capadocia_selmamartakissLooks like happy ending to me.

The status of the show isn’t clear, but it appears that a new season was released every other year, and Season 3 aired in 2012, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

While videos seem to be hard to come by, I give you this nice blog that has recaps in English. Thanks, nice blog!

Another thing you can consider is purchasing seasons 1, 2 and 3 on Amazon (subtitles included!). Or, if you are an HBO subscriber, you can try these links for streaming.

Mexico left you starving? Want to munch on some Poutine? Great! We’re heading to Canada!

Unité 9, which is set in Quebec, was called “Canada’s much gloomier Orange is the New Black” back in 2014. The series has been on the air since 2012, and as you may have realized, it’s in French.

There’s a possible English adaptation in the making which will also air in Canada. (in the circle of life, you lose one Canadian bisexual succubus for another Canadian gay assassin. Always look at the glass half-full. )

Much like Orange is the New Black, the show starts with the arrival of the lead character (Marie) to the prison. Unlike Piper, though, Marie is in prison for attempted murder. Throughout the show, we meet the other prisoners and learn what brought them to the prison.

The fun part is that there are four female queer characters on the show, all of which are principals. There are at least two main lesbian relationships on the show. One is between inmates Michele and Avril. I can’t tell you much about them, and most of their videos are gone, c’est dommage!

Season 2 brought us the corrections officer/inmate story between Melissa and Jeanne. Here’s a fanmade video. Things are about to get steamy in more ways than one, which means NSFW.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.31.39 PM

If you speak French, you can watch some of the episodes on the official website, because sadly, as of now, even the DVD doesn’t have English subtitles. Your French speaking talent also means you can catch it Tuesdays on CBC. The rest of us will have to wait patiently until one of you miracle workers reports differently.

Update: For those among you who were interested in purchasing DVDs of Unité 9, one of our readers reported that if purchased through, said DVDs will arrive with English subtitles. Thanks for the tip happy viewing!

Make sure you leave no man behind as we’re going down under, to Oz (but not that prison show).

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