Morning Brew – Leisha Hailey shows off her training for new physical movie role


Good morning! It’s FINALLY FRIDAY! This week has felt so long, for some reason. For you, too?

Bloomberg held a panel called Closing the LGBT Gap in the Tech Industry last week. You can watch the entire panel here.

There’s a major lesbian character in London’s West End play Di and Viv and Rose, although one review notes that she later says, “I’ve gone back to fish on Fridays and not being a lesbian,” which might indicate the character is a LUG. 

NPR writes about “Female Husbands” back in the day, aka when women posed as men. So many questions are posed, as happens with historical figures who have done the same kind of thing: Were they “lesbians”? Trans? Forced to become men to do the things they wanted to do while also longing to remain women? So hard to say but fun to think about.

Out Christian singer Vicky Beeching talked with Religion News about her upcoming book and U.S. tour.

Worth it for the photo alone: Lesbians and other people who want babies are dying for “vikings.” A BBC2 documentary about women who want sperm donors from Denmark aired last night, and you can watch it online if you are in the UK. 

Need a weekend read? Try The Nuns of Sant’Ambrogio by Hubert Wolf, “the real-life scandal of an Italian convent run by a murderous and predatory lesbian.” Or maybe not.

Tig Notaro is an open book in this interview with Vulture. She talks about meeting wife-to-be, Stephanie Allynne, and wanting to have children.

17-year-old queer woman of color Jessica Hernandez was shot and killed by police yesterday in Denver. Jessica and three friends were allegedly driving a stolen car and Jessica, at the wheel, struck an officer in the leg, prompting officers to pull out their guns. 200 people attended a protest in Denver last night, and there is an investigation into the events going on right now.

I wonder if Leisha Hailey is using any of her moves from The L Word‘s self-defense episode.


First day of stunt training #quarriesthemovie #I’llgethimback

Un vídeo publicado por Leisha H (@leisha_h) el

Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs, aka the adorable couple from that Target baby nursery couple, shared the story of their daughter’s birth on their blog. Congrats!

Pat Griffin documents the troubled history of women coaches in college athletics for OutSports.

You know, even if you are LGBT-identified, it doesn’t mean you are prepared when your parent comes out as the same. Yahoo has a great piece on how you might feel and deal in that situation.

Julianne Moore says she “fell in love” with Ellen Page while filming Freeheld. Get in line, lady!

At Vice, a lesbian living in Istanbul writes about what life is like for her on a daily basis, and how she answers when people ask why she choose to lives in a homophobic place.

Brandi Carlile talks inspiration, vulnerability and prayer with Origin. Here’s her sweet answer what love is:

Honesty, selflessness, influence, honor. It’s so easy to love my girls that it’s hard to verbalize.

The Los Angeles Women’s Network is such a cool part of the LGBT Center here in La La Land, and if you are in the area, you should come out to some of their events. They are hosting a Julie Goldman comedy show on February 8, and a live Lphabet show is in the works as we speak.

Deadline spoke with Lily Tomlin at Sundance.

Soko shared a sneak peek at her new video for “Ocean of Tears.”

Kate Pierson talked about being a B-52 and a party gal with the New York Observer.

If you loved Stieg Larsson‘s Millennium Series (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest), you’ll be thrilled to know that another book is coming. That Which Does Not Kill will come out next November, which was what Stieg was working on when he passed away. David Lagercrantz finished it up and now we can read more of Lisbeth Salander’s story.

This adorable pairing is featured on Refinery29’s Engaged! 7 Insanely Cute L.A. Couples.

refienery-lesbianphoto via Refinery29

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