“Arrow” recap (3.11): My Sister’s Ghost


Laurel and Roy fight the baddies, but find themselves little match for giant men with machine guns. As they start to get away in a truck, Roy shoots Brick with an arrow, which he plucks out of him like it was a Nerf dart. In return for the insult, he shoots one of the aldermen and throws his body out of the truck before disappearing again.

Arrow 311-5 It’s really too bad she can’t drink anymore: She looks like she could use one.

At SCPD, Captain Lance is more convinced than ever that Sara is back in town, because there are now reports of TWO vigilantes. The mayor gets a call from Brick; he recites Shakespeare, showing he knows he has the upper hand, and tells her to meet him in person OR ELSE.

Thea asks Merlyn once more what exactly his deal is, and Merlyn confesses that Ra’s al Ghul marked him for death, which means everything and everyone he cares about is also on the chopping block. He begs her to let him keep her safe.

Meanwhile, Laurel is in her office, watching the news report about the dead alderman, drowning in fear, regret, and doubt. Felicity comes in and Laurel asks her if everything is OK, but that’s exactly what Felicity was here to find out; she knows what she’s been up to in the cover of darkness. Laurel confesses that she thought being Sara would make everything hurt less; she would be honoring her sister, she would be making a difference. Instead she caused more pain, and not just for herself. Laurel tells Felicity that she doesn’t need to lecture her, she’s giving up the mask. She’s not strong enough to fight like Sara…to fight for Sara.

Arrow 311-6“She loved you, you know…”

Felicity surprises Laurel by disagreeing. She says maybe that’s not the point of them. Felicity says maybe she and Laurel aren’t supposed to fight for Sara or Oliver or anyone else they loved and lost. Maybe they’re supposed to fight for the people they love and still have; to fight for each other.

Arrow 311-7“…I know.”

Laurel says she’s talking awful inspirationally for a gal who just quit Team Arrow, but Felicity’s face says she’s not done after all.

For some reason, the mayor decides to meet up with Brick in real life, and Brick says that if she doesn’t pull every cop out of the Glades ASAP, her two alderman friends are as dead as the first.

Speaking of the first alderman, Roy is feeling hella guilty for his death, but Diggle says that the only person responsible for Brick killing the alderman is Brick. He pours them both a drink like they don’t have more asses to kick and they toast to Oliver. Roy looks sadly at his drink and says that maybe they can’t do this without Oliver after all, maybe Felicity was right.

Felicity comes in right on cue and says that actually, for maybe the third time in all her 25 years, she was wrong.

Arrow 311-8 1000% on board with this friendship.

She says the mayor is ready to give up the glades, so it’s up to them to stop Brick. Oliver’s mission didn’t die with him; he brought them all into this mission, they can’t just give up on Starling City now. Felicity repeats her new mantra: Oliver and Sara are probably dead, but there are four of them standing in that room, hearts broken but still beating, and there’s a whole city of other living humans who need them.

In what is possibly the cruelest thing a television show has ever done to me, Laurel uses Sara’s voice to call her father. In the the breath between her first word and the reveal that it was actually Laurel, not unlike Felicity earlier in the episode, my brain didn’t catch my heart fast enough before it started to hope. It was over in the briefest of moments, an immeasurably small amount of time, but ouch, man. Ouch. So anyway, Felicity had used what I can only imagine were lovey dovey voicemails and random cheesy voice notes she had on hand of Sara to make an algorithm that makes it possible for Laurel to output Sara’s voice instead of her own. Something that looks like it’s stabbing Felicity right in the heart, and is surely stabbing me in mine. Captain Lance buys it, because why wouldn’t he, and when she asks for intel, he tells her that one of the aldermen has a pacemaker. He ends the conversation by making her promise to be careful; he doesn’t know what he’d do without his baby girl. Because what good is a knife in the heart if someone doesn’t give it a good twist.

Felicity storms into Ray’s office and demands the keys to his helicopter. She promises she won’t crash it but she really needs it but can’t explain why, can she have them please and thank you. He’s a little concerned because she’s awfully tiny to be flying a giant helicopter and also helicopters don’t even have keys, but she takes that to mean it’s just hanging out on the roof ready to go, thanks him, and runs off.

Team Who Needs the Arrow Anyway traces the pacemaker to a factory and start smashing faces. Laurel is undeterred by the fact that she’s still not particularly great at fighting, and goes in fists first, fearless.

Arrow 311-9Ca-caw!

With Felicity’s guidance, they find the aldermen and get them out, though Laurel has to take a detour. She lures Brick into a room, smashes his head a little, then jumps out a window onto a (thankfully) waiting helicopter rope ladder. It’s pretty fierce. Sara would be proud.

While all this badassery is going on, Oliver is moping about the cabin, walking around too much for a man with a hole in his torso. Maseo says he has to leave, though not before having to slaughter some incoming assassins. Maseo slits his own throat and says he’s going to say Oliver escaped, then heads off into the snowy wilderness.

Back in Starling City, Captain Lance goes out into an alley and hears his daughter’s voice in the shadows. He looks up to a fire escape and sees his youngest daughter, though she looks a little taller than he remembers. She reassures him that her and hers are protecting the city, apologizes for not being able to have dinner with him, and struts her too-long legs back into the shadows.

Thea, still unfazed by Merlyn’s whole marked-for-death spiel, asks why he’s choosing now to run. He’s been teaching her to fight like an angel ninja warrior for months…what was it all for if not to fight the Dragon’s Head? She lifts her pretty head high and says that Ra’s al Ghul should be afraid of them. Merlyn is sure it’s signing his own death warrant, but agrees to say, because he’s proud of the little assassin he’s raising.

Felicity goes back to Palmer Tech and tells Ray that she didn’t fix his nano chip, but she DID make him a quantum processor, which she thinks is better suited for his design. He asks her about her change of heart, and she says she realized that pushing him away wasn’t going to get him any less dead, it would just mean she wasn’t there when it happened. Instead, she’s going to save his ass and help him not get dead.

Arrow 311-10“I’m not the hero you deserve, but I’m the one you need.”

Back at Verdant, Thea runs into the DJ again, who is surprised to see her because he thought she was leaving town. She assures him she isn’t, and as soon as she’s out of sight, the DJ calls Maseo to tell him that Merlyn wasn’t leaving Starling City after all. Maseo promises to tell Ra’s al Ghul the news.

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