“Pretty Little Liars” recap (5.17): Barrel of mistakes


You guys, this episode of Pretty Little Liars was firing on all fucking cylinders, featuring our favorite PLL tropes!

Pie? Check.

Breaking and entering? Check.

Liars getting locked into an enclosed space? Check.

Inappropriately aged love interest? MOTHERFUCKING CHECK AND MATE.

Four for you, show. Four. For. You.

pll2Guys, we’re missing masks and dolls from Chelsea’s list, we need to step it up

We open in Caleb’s pad, where the Liars have convened to freak the fuck out about Hanna’s framing. Spencer and Emily are upset that Hanna went to see Ali and only told Aria, and Hanna is upset about potentially becoming Ali’s cellmate/prison bitch.

pll6Ali is NEVER gonna let me be Alex in our OITNB prison roleplay!

Hanna comes up with the terrible idea of getting rid of the evidence and the barrel, because burying evidence has always worked out well for these girls. Spencer argues that hiding the barrel could mean losing evidence to convict Ali. Emily is also like, “Um guys, hiding evidence is a fucking felony. Let’s not do this again.” But the girls ignore her pretty little logic and continue to spin out. Hanna is pissed because it’s her ass on the chopping block, so she hops on her Huffy bike and rides away.

pll7Hanna, you can just trade off! It’s called being versatile!

Over at Brew 2.0, Emily is having nightmares about the barrel. Aria is having nightmares about that college essay nonsense with Ezra, which is bonkers because she should be having nightmares about Ezra stalking her and her friends for literally years.

pll13Is that Kristen Stewart?!

Talia makes a pecan pie for Ezra, and Emily tells her to slow her roll because A) She’s too old for him and B) Ezra only gives it up for cake. Talia assumes that Emily has the hots for Ezra (HAHAHA) but Emily tells her she’s not interested in men, lesbian or otherwise. Talia nods her head and thinks “jackpot” to herself.

pll17Ready to give her whole damn pie to Emily

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