“Lost Girl” recap (5.8): Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy


Previously on Lost Girl: Bo and Lauren seize an opportunity. Tamsin gets her heart broken. And the gods must be crazy homicidal. Oh and Vex totally has the hots for Teen Wolf.

This is why you never sleep with your roommate. This right here. Tamsin is packing up her belongings in what appears to be a TSA-approved carry on and leaving. Bo is trying to talk her out of moving out, saying something about being on the same team and cross-fandom détente. But our jilted Valkyrie is having none of it. She is taking her suitcase full of hopes and dreams, working handle or not, and going, er, elsewhere. Probably the Motel 6. Honey, splash out, someone at the front desk at the Ritz probably has a lot of doubts. Treat yo self.


As Tamsin leaves she tells Bo there’s no winning with her because her heart will always be with Lauren. She says what Doccubus shippers have been saying all along–they’ll always be a couple, even when they are not a couple. Guys, I know, don’t worry. We’re going to talk allll about it. But, you know, it’s never polite to gloat.

Before she leaves, and throws a little shade at Bo’s wardrobe, Tamsin hands her a letter that arrived earlier. It’s an invitation from the ancients and Bo, Lauren, Dyson and Trick are all on the list. Never mind they tried to kill/maim you with lightning and bugs earlier. By all means accept a party invite from them. It’s black tie, what could go wrong?


Bo thinks this might be a way to find out more about her father. So has she finally told everyone Hades is her father? I swear, this group is the worst when it comes to understanding family lineage. Have you guys considered geneology.com? Or Google? Just saying, there are options other than walking blindly into the enemy’s penthouse apartment.

They decide to take Mark because Kenzi isn’t here and this sorry substitute is all we have. Vex wondering if taking the Little Shit on his first mission without having ever shifted is a good idea. When Vex is the only person making sense–and making fun of Dyson’s vests–you know these characters have a serious rational thinking problem.


In the elevator of well-dressed idiots, Lauren asks if they’re walking into a trap. OK, let me restate that into, in an elevator of well-dressed idiots and Lauren… Her fears are confirmed as they walk out into the most horrifying scene possible–a surprise party for Bo. There are balloons and everything.

Iris is still prepping for the party with her proud papa Hera. This gender flip for the gods is so simple yet so effective. I’m mad I didn’t realize it sooner. But this family dynamic is still weird, regardless of gender. What’s with all the control of Iris? And what’s with her special bracelet? Also, what’s all this about clam dip? Sorry, I’m a lesbian. When you pair the word “clam” with the word “dip” I get excited.


Back at the party, another lesbian woman is getting excited about science. To be more specific, she is getting excited about science’s applications in protecting her on-again, off-again, what-are-they-exactly-again girlfriend. After Bo grabs a cocktail, Lauren pulls a testing strip from her purse to check it. I don’t know exactly what she was checking for–Fae roofies?–but whatever it was tests negative and Bo is allowed to drink up.

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