Charlie returns to “Supernatural” and she’s not alone


Sam and Charlie find a clue that a man named Clive Dillon might have another way into Oz. Dean tries to buy some time with Wellington, and finally confronts him about the accident and coverup. Just as Wellington tries to deny it, the lights go out and Dark Charlie is in the building. Dean finds Dark Charlie, rocking leather pants and twirling her knife. She says she just wants answers, but Dean knows it’s revenge she’s after. Wellington apologizes for what he did, but Dark Charlie isn’t buying what he’s selling. She slams the door closed, locking Dean out, and stabs Wellington in the chest before breaking a window and escaping.


Dean calls Sam and Charlie to give them the bad news and Charlie is guilt ridden. As Dean sits at a bar, staring as shot of whiskey, Dark Charlie joins him. Unlike Charlie, Dark Charlie feels absolved of any remorse. She eyeballs the female bartender’s ass before hissing out, “Delicious.” Dean spills the beans about Sam and Charlie’s plan to send her back to Oz and back into Charlie’s soul. Dark Charlie blows off Dean’s threats, and goes off to ask the bartender to dance. Turns out it was a trick and the bartender tells Dean that Dark Charlie just left through the back door. Oh and she stole Dean’s beloved car too. He calls Sam to warn him: “Dick Charlie just hot-wired Baby and I think she’s on the way to you.”

Charlie and Sam have tracked down Clive Dillon, who is living under an assumed name in a small town. Clive explains that the only way a key to Oz can be fixed is in Oz itself. Also, what happened to Charlie, happened to him. Dark Clive kidnapped him a long time ago, and wreaked havoc on Oz. Dark Clive became the Wizard of Oz. Charlie panics because Dorothy now runs Oz and works closely with the Wizard. Her boo could be in danger!  Clive has an idea that might work. If Charlie can’t get to Oz, maybe he can bring the Wizard there. If Clive is mortally wounded, the Wizard will show up to save them both.


As Dean pulls up to Clive’s house, he hears a gunshot. Dark Charlie is also hot on his heels. Inside the house, the Wizard appears, crashing through a mirror. Since time works differently in OZ, he is still the young version of Clive. Also, he’s pissed.


As the Wizard yells at Clive for not following through on keeping his damn self alive, Charlie winces in pain. Looks like Dean and Dark Charlie are getting their fight on. As the Wizard tries to choke Sam for attempting to save Charlie, Clive motions to the gun on the floor. At first Charlie refuses to pick it up but as the life drains out of Sam, she does. Clive says he forgives her and she shoots him in the head, effectively killing both Clive and the evil Wizard.

Sam picks the increasingly battered Charlie up and rushes outside to stop Dean from hurting Dark Charlie anymore. Sam places both Charlies next to each other. With the key taken from the Wizard, the two Charlies now fuse together again. Once whole again, she breaks down in Sam’s arms.


 A battered and bruised Charlie has recovered enough to get out of bed, and since she can’t get back to Oz (and she knows Dorothy is safe) she offers to help the brothers out. Dean has been branded with a mark of the damned, which is one of the reasons he went HAM on Dark Charlie and couldn’t stop himself. Charlie offers to go to Italy and find a book that might have some answers about Dean’s mark. Dean feels terrible about hurting Charlie, but she promises to help him fight his demons, just like he helped her. She offers him forgiveness, even though he has trouble accepting it. She heads off to unearth some clues. “Arrivederci, bitches,” she bids them before taking off once again. 


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