“Gotham” recap (1.13): Can’t Keep a Good Fish Down


Welcome back to Gotham, the show with a thousand plots…three of which are actually interesting!

We open with the immediate aftermath of Falcone’s shutdown/murder show. Fish is wheeled into a scary warehouse (of which Gotham has, like, a million) and is tied up for torture. Ruh-roh.

gotham1Fish shows off her Miley Cyrus impression

Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock investigate their case o’ the week: a murdered drug dealer named Pinky who works for the Uptown Assassins. Officer Flass is already on the case. You may remember Flass as the bully who was flirting with Miss Kringle, or from the dozens of movies where this guy plays a meathead/bully. 

gotham3Storied history of playing bros

Nobody seems to care about the killing, except for James Gordon, who cares about everything all the time. He finds drugs hidden in the victim’s shoe and a friendly janitor named Winkler who was an eye witness.

gotham2Both would rather be in the locker room with Dr. Leslie

Winkler is a sweet, stand-up guy who agrees to go down to the station to give his statement. But Gotham is no place for schmoes with souls, so he’s murdered in the interrogation room. Gotham PD may be brazenly corrupt, but murdering witnesses in the precinct is generally frowned upon.

gotham4What happens when you don’t take the Safety in the Workplace seminar

Back at the Fish Tank, a torture specialist by the name of Bob is getting ready to de-bone Fish. Fun fact: We find out Fish’s real name is Marine Mercedes Moon. Marine? Like the ocean? Full of fish? GET IT!? But Fish Mooney has long since run out of fucks to give, and proceeds to spit an impossibly large loogie right in Bob’s face. Like, a comical amount of spit. She also calls his kids ugly, which is a pretty bold thing to say to someone with an arsenal of power tools.

gotham5How do you like that Ocean Spray, bitch?

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