“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.11): Decisions, decisions


Jane is faced with another tough decision to make. Instead of having to choose between two guys, this time she has to choose between teaching and taking a writing internship.

Things have been going really well for Jane at the school. It’s been hard to tell since we haven’t been show much of her work life since that incident with her stepsisters transferring into her class and giving her hell. It turns out her students love her, even the stepsisters. The students love her so much that they gave Jane the highest score on her teacher evaluation, so the school offers her a full-time position.

That same day Jane visits Rogelio on the set of his show. He announces to everyone that Jane is the new writing intern, without even offering her the gig. Being a professional writer has been Jane’s dream, and since she can’t decide which job to take, she decides to do both the internship and teaching. Immediately, Rogelio takes Jane to sit in with the writers of the show. They ask for any ideas she might have and decide to use the one idea she gives in the show. Things seem great, right? 

JTV 11.1

Wrong. Jane goes back to the set on the day that they’re filming the idea she pitched. But, when she see what they were filming she realized that Rogelio told the writers to act as though they liked her idea. She confronts Rogelio and tells him she’s upset because she has an important decision to make and she can’t have him doing things like that. Rogelio agrees. He then asks Jane to write him a scene. This way he can see whether or not she’s a good writer.

In addition to working the internship and teaching, Jane is prepping Rafael for dinner with her family. She’s quizzed him on all the things he’ll need to know for Xiomara and Abuela to like him, especially since Xiomara isn’t too fond of him.

At dinner, the topic of Jane’s decision about work comes up. Abuela says Jane should take the teaching position. Rafael agrees with Xiomara that Jane should take the internship because writing is her passion. What Xiomara doesn’t agree with is Rafael telling Jane that while she takes on the internship, he’d support her financially. One might think this is a nice gesture, especially since the guy is loaded. But Xiomara, Abuela, and Jane are strong, independent women and she doesn’t like the idea of Jane depending on Rafael financially. Rafael mentions he’s family and it’d be helping out but Xiomara makes it clear that Rafael isn’t family. He begs to differ stating that he is family now, especially since he’s the baby’s father. Xiomara’s response to his baby daddy remark? “Not on purpose.”

JTV 11.2

Xiomara eventually goes to visit Rafael to apologize for her behavior at dinner. Rafael apologizes as well. He asks Xiomara why she doesn’t like him. She feels that Rafael isn’t right for Jane. He sees the world from atop of that hotel, while they live their lives down below.

Back on set of The Passions of Santos, Jane watches as Rogelio reads the scene she wrote. She asks for his honest opinion. His opinion is that it sucks. She wanted the truth and he gave it to her but he does offer some sort of fatherly advice. “You can’t expect to become an expert overnight.”

Later, Rogelio visits Xiomara at home. She had been avoiding him because of her chastity promise to God. Rogelio arrives to find Xiomara looking a bit too comfortable. She is dressed in drab sweats and no makeup, but Rogelio doesn’t seem to care. After dinner and a lot of wine they end up in Xiomara’s bed. While things are getting hot and heavy, Xiomara envisions Abuela in bed with them. Abuela tells her, “God see everything.” Followed by, “Me too.” Xiomara screams and jumps out of bed. Rogelio screams too. He asks what’s wrong but she doesn’t give him an answer.

JTV 11.3

At the hotel, Lachlan returns. Petra tells him about Ivan and Milos, and how she owes Ivan money. She’s afraid of receiving tulips, which is Milos’s calling card for her. Lachlan places Petra and Magda in a suite that’s under security so they won’t have to be afraid. Lachlan sees this as an opportunity to either win back Petra or take advantage of her vulnerability. I’d say the latter, especially since later on we see Lachlan has placed yellow tulips in Petra’s bathroom. She doesn’t know it was Lachlan who placed them there and is afraid Milos will show up sooner than expected.

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