9 Roles Ellen DeGeneres Played in the ’90s


It’s Ellen DeGeneres‘s 57th birthday, so we thought we’d celebrate some of her lesser-known roles from the 1990s that you can still find on the internet or streaming devices today. Even if you’ve seen them all, you surely haven’t watched some of them in a long time.

Open House (1989-1990)open-house

A spin-off of the show Duet, Ellen played Margo Van Meter, “the sassy, man-hungry secretary” on the Fox sitcom.

Laurie Hill (1992)


Ellen was Nancy MacIntyre, a “flaky nurse” who was also a co-worker and BFF to the show’s main character, a female pediatrician.

Coneheads (1993)


It was a small role, but she nailed that lesbian P.E. teacher look, even with a scrunchy.

Roseanne (1995)


As a high-energy couples’ therapist Dr. Whitman, Ellen tried to help Jackie and Fred talk things out.

Mr. Wrong (1996)

Archival Cinema Stills

A dark comedy that wasn’t very well-received had Ellen playing a woman, Martha Alston, who feels pressured to get married. Strangely, she just can’t find the right guy!

The Larry Sanders Show (1996, 1998)



Ellen played herself on an entire episode dedicated to Larry’s pondering if Ellen is willing to come out as gay on his talk show.

Goodbye, Lover (1998)


Ellen joined an all-star cast of Patricia Arquette, Dermot Mulroney, Don Johnson and Mary-Louise Parker for this comedic noir-esque film that premiered at Cannes.

Mad About You (1998)


On the series finale, Ellen plays an annoying caterer for the production crew of Paul’s Titanic documentary.

EdTV (1999)


As a power-hungry TV producer named Cynthia Topping, Ellen decides a reality show following one guy around for 24 hours a day will be riveting television. (She was right!)

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