“Black Sails” recap (2.1): A New Ship Sails


Previously on Black Sails, Flint went bananas looking for THE PAGE that would lead him to a Spanish treasure ship; his white whale. And he used his wild-eyed dreams and talk of riches like they’ve never known to rope Eleanor into helping him. Max used her own talk of dreams to convince Eleanor to run away with her, but that felt too much like giving up for Miss Guthrie. While trying to flee Nassau, Max got kidnapped and tormented by Captain Vane’s crew. Eleanor tried to save her, but Max resented her help and, much to Eleanor’s heartbreak, even blamed Eleanor. Max did, however, accept help from Anne Bonny, who stormed away at Max’s unspoken offer to thank her the way she used to thank Eleanor. Max joined LadyPirate Anne Bonny and Mustachio Jack in running the brothel she used to be employed at; an unlikely but kind of perfect trio.

Black Sails 201-1The good old days.

We return to Nassau by way of the sea, where pirates board an eerily quiet, calm ship. The pirate captain boards, a man with a nasty scar running right through his now-white eye, and is told everything is theirs for the taking. He’s even given an inventory and directions to where the goods are stored. The kind captain tries to make small talk and Scarface reveals he’s new to Nassau. He asks if the rumors are true, if trade is managed by a teenage girl. To which I responded by looking up how old Hannah New is in a panic. (Don’t worry, she’s not a teenager. I knew she was around my age but TV teenagers are played by a combination of actual teenagers and 30-year-olds. It’s confusing.)

Anyway, to prove he isn’t here to break any stereotypes, (and because he saw something on the manifest he wanted to take without witnesses), Captain Scarface orders the crew, who was peacefully handing over their goods, to be murdered. The Captain is sorry not sorry and they take a woman as a living trophy.

Meanwhile, Flint tries to convince his ex-crew to take over a warship to get them closer to the gold they seek, which is scattered on an island now heavily guarded by said warship. He says two people need to go distract them, and that he’ll volunteer as tribute if it means they’ll start to trust him again. Silver jumps in and offers to go with him, though Flint looks mildly annoyed by the prospect.

Back on Nassau, Eleanor barges into Vane’s room and doesn’t flinch as the (very naked) woman who was just in bed with him leaves the room. Eleanor proceeds to rip Vane a new one because he is a member of her board now which means he has to show up at meetings; all meetings, not just as he chooses. Vane says he’s sorry, but she doesn’t want his apologies, she wants him to do what she fucking told him to do.

Black Sails 201-2I missed you, Eleanor!

All she wants is to run a good business since her love life is fucked and her father’s a joke and she doesn’t even know who to trust anymore so this godforsaken trade management company is the thing she chose over Max, over love, over everything, and hell if she’s going to let him ruin it for her and make all her heartbreak be in vain (no pun intended). Vane tells Eleanor that her loyalties are skewed and that Flint might not even come back with his hypothetical treasure, and what if he kills Flint and splits the treasure with her? Would he be her hero then? But Eleanor ignores him and gives him a “fuck you” and also gives one to his latest conquest, just for good measure.

Out at sea, Flint expresses his disappointment in Silver’s choice to go with him, because he wanted a tiger not a weasel. Silver thought Flint had been planning to run away so he’s not exactly thrilled with the turn of events either. They swim to the warship and find the crew sleeping.

Throughout the episode, we see a pre-pirate Flint, chatting with men in bad wigs and talking of a Davy something-or-other who he heard might have a locker of some sort? Flashback Flint thinks that piracy is a necessary evil, and has no idea just how insane that evil would someday make him.

On Nassau, Mustachio Jack is jumped right after doing his…business by some really unhappy men who call him a “crew killer” and end up doing business of their own all over him. He trudges back to the brothel to find Anne Bonny with her careful eye on Max.

Black Sails 201-3I believe the term is “leering.”

Though the bloody sight of her former quartermaster distracts her; she’s furious he was disrespected and offers to go kill a guy or seven for him, but he doesn’t want her help. Max comes over to offer a hand and Anne Bonny’s gay panic flares up and she yells at Max to GTFO. (Also she did kill her crew to save Max, which gave her and Jack bad names, so I suppose there’s also some regular guilt there, too.)

On the warship, Silver and Flint somehow manage to tiptoe around, steal a warning whistle, and kill the man in charge of the sails before waking the whole crew, fighting but bonding all the while.

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