“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.3): The Very Good Bagel


Hey, y’all (in my Paula Deen voice)! I know–wrong state, but I couldn’t resist the Southern reference. Have you grown tired of the soap opera-worthy tug of war between Bluebell’s own Zoe and Wade? I sure hope not ‘cause…wait, there’s more (in my infomercial voice)!

Now that the cat is out of the bag with regard to Zoe’s knocked up-ness, we’re waiting to see how that will pan out. Will Wade grant her request to handle things on her own? Will he continue to labor in an effort to earn her love? Or will he accept that their poor timing has brought them to an impasse and simply request that they find a way to parent their child together rather than leaving him out completely

The morning after the spilling of the beans, George and Lavon have coffee and discuss their plans for the day. Lavon attempts to casually share that he plans on paying Lemon a visit to which George expectedly expresses his disapproval. Zoe enters and George and Lavon’s knowledge of her news is disclosed as they quickly rescind their offer of a cup of coffee. In the timeliness only Zoe and Wade have mastered, Wade bursts in rambling about diaper changes, fishing, and his desire to get back together. Apparently this is Wade attempting to convince Zoe they should be together, which is about as successful as that one time I tried Crossfit.

George and Lavon run into Annabeth and a highly frustrated Lemon at the Rammer Jammer. Lemon is still none too pleased about the very public collapse of her plan to get her hands on her grandmother’s money. George and Lavon realize that, in their effort to free Lemon from a dishonest man, they may have created a bigger mess than they’re suited to wade through. Best laid plans, right?

Via a heart to heart with the future Grandpa Earl, Wade begins to understand the seriousness of his connection to Zoe at this juncture of their relationship. He knows that, should he want a fair shot at winning Zoe’s heart, he must do something to communicate his seriousness.

Brick overhears of Zoe’s news as she and Annabeth discuss birthing plans and placenta. He tentatively congratulates Zoe on her “out of wedlock” pregnancy. This passive aggressive judgment is coming from a man who snuck away for a quickie with Shelby while his employee watched her baby. Might want to button up your white coat, Dr. Breeland. Your hypocrisy is showing.

At long last, we catch a glimpse of Crickett as she lunches with Annabeth and Lemon. Although I would’ve loved to have learned of her date with Jaysene having gone just swimmingly, the date hasn’t come to fruition just yet. It seems that either Jaysene actually is busy washing her hair and taking her cat to the vet or she has lost interest in our queer Southern belle. Annabeth, Lemon, and Crickett bond over their glory days in high school and their shared “oh, how the mighty have fallen” moments. They decide that a trip to the lake house is just what they need to pull them out of their funk.


During a conversation with Zoe, Lavon reminds her of the genuine love she shares with Wade. With this in mind, he implores her to keep an open mind with regard to her future with Wade.

Having taken Wade’s most recent declaration quite seriously, Earl shows up at the Rammer Jammer with the intent of bequeathing the engagement ring he gave to Wade’s mother. Although Wade is initially shocked at the suggestion of such a grand gesture, he seems to warm up to the idea as it would accomplish his ultimate goal–proving his true devotion to Zoe.

Wade is waiting for Zoe the next morning with a box of crackers for her morning sickness and an invitation to dinner. Although recent dinner dates have proven less than successful, Wade insists that he simply needs an opportunity to clearly communicate his thoughts and feelings. Comforted by his casual demeanor, Zoe accepts. As Wade leaves Zoe to go about her morning as originally planned, his true intentions are revealed via the freshly inherited engagement ring he is carrying.


At this point, George and Lavon have been successful at keeping their secret under wraps with the exception of Dash being privy to the potentially incriminating information. Knowing the desperation of George and Lavon to keep this between the three of them, Dash takes advantage and blackmails them into participating in his latest Jane Austen production. Just when I was starting to respect Lavon for his ability to be open and sensitive, his downplayed sexism begins to show as he expresses disgust at the thought of wearing tights. Turns out, a tad bit of latent misogyny will not serve to excuse Lavon and George’s duty to Dash. Have fun prancing around in your play whilst coming to terms with your unstable relationship with your own masculinity, guys!

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