“Arrow” recap (3.10): Long Live the Queen


Previously on Arrow, Oliver found out that Malcolm Merlyn hypnotized Thea into killing Sara, and to save his sister from certain death, confessed to the crime himself in front of the League of Assassins, asking Ra’s al Ghul for trial by combat as payment for the brutal murder of his daughter’s girlfriend. Oliver lost the fight spectacularly, and ended up getting pushed off the top of a very tall mountain, after getting a swift sword through the chest.

We return to Starling City mid-police chase, with Roy and his red hood on Oliver’s motorcycle, Felicity in his ear, and Diggle in Oliver’s green hood. It turns out Diggle is better suited for leather and guns, because he doesn’t quite fit the green costume and his bow and arrow game is off. After the mission, we learn that Oliver has been gone for three days without so much as a peep on whether or not he was okay, which they might have been able to write off as typical brooding Oliver Queen, if he hadn’t left them for a fight to the death.

Meanwhile, Ray McSkeevy is in his office testing out part of his new megasuit, starting with a megahand. It is theoretically supposed to shoot something at punchy clowns, but instead it just sparks everywhere. Felicity comes in just in time to see this failure and warns McSkeevy that just because Tony Stark makes it look easy doesn’t mean everyone can be Iron Man.

Arrow 310-1How could you ever disagree with this face?

Ray doesn’t look much like he takes her reminder of his fragile human life very seriously.

Across town, one of the men from the earlier police chase is brought in to face a sassy Laurel Lance and her Lawyer Face. She demands he be held without bail and without the Arrow coming in to be an eye witness, because she has evidence to tie him to the case.

Arrow 310-2Thirsty for justice.

 Team Arrow Minus The Arrow does more research on the case and learn that it’s all tied to a man who got out of prison when all of his eye witnesses died rather suddenly and mysteriously. Roy knows him from his days on The Streets and says he goes by the cuddly nickname, Brick.

Before they head out on the case again, Diggle brings up Oliver. Felicity is so very sure that Oliver survived, that he’s just fine out there somewhere. Diggle tries to tell her that she should consider preparing for the worst, but Felicity stands firmly in the Relentless Optimism camp.

Arrow 310-3Sometimes known as the Valiant Denial camp.

And maybe Diggle was right, because right now Oliver is quite literally hanging out, shirtless, unconscious, half-buried in the snow on the side of the mountain he fell off of. A hooded figure finds him there and uses a cart to drag him away, slowly and with a sort of care.

In a warehouse in Starling City, we meet Brick. Brick finds the man from the police chase that DIDN’T get caught by the SCPD, and hands him a gun. As punishment for getting tangled up with the 5-0, he has to try to take Brick down faster than Brick can kill him dead. But bullets can’t break brick, so in a matter of seconds the poor kid’s face is punched so many times it’s a miracle his head stays attached to the rest of him.

Malcolm and Thea are training; he’s talking about the sea and she’s moving as gracefully as water.

Arrow 310-4I can’t wait ’til she starts fighting more people for real.

However, Thea’s a little distracted today, because Oliver hasn’t returned her last few messages, which is very unlike her doting brother. Malcolm offers to use his “connections” to see if he can find Oliver, and Thea (who is either still very naive and trusting or playing Merlyn like a fiddle, jury’s still out) thanks him for his kindness.

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