“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.10): Weathering the Storm


Jane the Virgin is back from its winter hiatus. If the winter finale left you on the edge of your seat, then keep hanging on.

The flashback showed us when Abuela taught Jane how to pray the rosary. The rosary became something she would later turn to whenever she was desperate for help.

Today’s episode showed Jane in desperate need of help from the one above. Remember how Magda shoved Abuela down the flight of stairs in the winter finale? Abuela ended up in the hospital. The doctors weren’t sure if and when she’d wake up. Unable to find Abuela’s rosary, Jane realizes it must have fallen out of Abuela’s purse in the hotel. Despite Xiomara not wanting Jane to travel in the tropical storm that hit, she drives back to the hotel to look for the rosary, where one of her co-workers has found it.

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While Jane is gone, the doctor gives Xiomara news that they won’t be able to keep Abuela at the hospital because she’s undocumented. They are obligated to report her, which means she’ll be deported back to Venezuela. Rogelio, who showed up at the hospital with a swag bag from the after party, says that he spoke with Gloria Estefan and she’s going to see what strings she can pull.

Mr. Solano leaves Rafael in charge of the hotel, with a list of layoffs to offset their losses, because he is flying out that night in the middle of the storm. Rose overhears Mr. Solano on the phone where he mentions five million dollars and a woman named Alegria.

After receiving the list of layoffs, Rafael heads back to his office where Petra awaits him with signed divorce papers. She tells him she’ll leave as soon as he gives her the prenup money. But, remember how we found out that Petra is really named Natalie? Well, since there is no real person named Petra, Rafael isn’t obligated to pay her the money. And he threatens Petra with this, which sends her running back to her mommy.

Petra and Magda still have Ivan captive. But not for much longer. The storm breaks their room window. He breaks free using a piece of broken window glass. When Petra returns to the room, she finds that Ivan had Magda captive. She reaches for Ivan’s gun, which they have in a dresser drawer, but he runs off before Petra can use it on him. Now they might as well leave the country, because Ivan will be back for them with a vengeance.

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Michael and Nadine investigate the tunnel they found under the bathtub. Inside they find an underground surgical room but aren’t sure what it’s used for. Michael confronts Rafael about this, in front of Jane. Rafael claims to have no knowledge of said tunnel and demands to see it. But Michael being Michael throws his badge around and won’t allow it.

Later on, Michael receives records of all the patients staying in the recovery suites of the hotel. After taking a good look around at the patients in the hotel, who all have had some sort of plastic surgery, he figures out that the hotel is performing plastic surgery on criminals in the room they found underground.

Amidst all of this, Jane and Michael get stuck in an elevator together. She begins to pray Abuela’s rosary. Michael brings up the story Jane told him of how Abuela taught her to pray the rosary. She breaks down and tells Michael what happened to Abuela and how she can’t get through to Xiomara at the hospital because the phones are down. Michael contacts the police officer at the hospital via his two-way radio so Jane can find out about Abuela. Xiomara tells Jane about the deportation issue, which causes Jane to cry and Michael to embrace Jane in a loving hug. Rafael gets the elevator open just in time to see the embrace between the two ex-lovers.

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