“Gotham” recap (1.12): We’re Gonna Rock Down to Electric Avenue


Welcome back, batbois and batgirls, to Gotham, the show where Penguin shills Ford Hybrids when he’s not scheming to take over the city. Who was the genius behind that ad campaign? I’d rather buy a car from Matilda’s dad than from Oswald Cobblepot #LITERARYJOKE.


We open with Jack Gruber aka The Electrocutioner and his henchman, Aaron, breaking into Irwin’s Electronics. They electrocute a guy through the door handle and collect Gruber’s old gadget, which looks like a giant space heater. Gruber tells poor Irwin that his time in Arkham freed his mind, and he’s ready to take down the world. If he wanted to free his mind so badly, he should have just taken some mushrooms in Joshua Tree like the rest of us. He then zippity-zaps the crap out of Irwin.

gotham4Insane in the membrane. Insane in the brain!

Back at the GCPD, Captain Esson is discussing/recapping the Arkham escapees. Jim Gordon crashes the briefing and basically demands the case because he’s tired of cleaning the Arkham bed pans. Commissioner Loeb shows up (have we seen him before? IDK this show has 10,000 white guys in suits) and harangues Gordon about his past…apparently Gordon’s dad was a district attorney. Loeb wants to know why Jim became a cop and why he’s so damn rebellious.

 gotham2Just another white man committed to keeping Gotham in the toilet!

Why does everyone constantly call out Jim’s rebellious nature? He is literally just trying to his job. And since when is running off to become a cop rebellious? It’s a police department, not a three ring circus. This show makes my brain hurt, you guys.

gotham3Gordon shares my confusion

Anyhoozle, Gordon strikes a deal with Loeb: if he catches Gruber in 24 hours he’ll be reinstated as a detective. If he doesn’t, he and Bullock get sent to work Arkham. As they leave, Gordon lets Bullock know that he has no clue where the bad guys are and he was just bluffing.

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