“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.2): The Curling Iron


The last time we visited Bluebell, Brick and Shelby had expressed their love, Lemon acknowledged her lack of affection for Dr. Dalton, Zoe and Wade did the no pants dance, and Crickett was propositioned for her first lady date with Jaysene. Season 4 continues with a line of positive pregnancy tests, Zoe giving herself a little pep talk with regard to the bun in the oven, and Lavon walking in on her suspicious behavior.

Over pancakes, Lavon and Zoe discuss Zoe’s secretive behavior, to which Lavon insists he knows the culprit–another fight between Zoe and Wade. Wrong. Zoe wishes it were that simple. Although Lavon seems quite clueless as to the cause of Zoe’s distress, it is clear that his support is well received. And so are the pancakes. Wade enters to correct Lavon’s suspicions and shares the details of his last conversation with Zoe in which he declared his love for her. Lavon takes this as his cue to leave the two alone. Wade takes the opportunity to clarify his feelings for Zoe and communicates his desire for them to be together. Zoe stands by her original assertion and insists it’s too late–much like her menstrual cycle, I imagine. Wade, however, is not quite ready to give in and attempts to convince Zoe that, although some time has passed, he believes they can make it work. Zoe reminds Wade that the amount of time that has gone by is quite significant–eight weeks to be exact–just enough for a lonely Southern girl to miss her period and take a handful of positive pregnancy tests. To the viewer, her plans at this point are unclear. Does she intend to have the baby alone and avoid acknowledging paternity? If so, she would obviously have to leave Bluebell. Is she simply putting off the inevitable by avoiding Wade at all costs? Maybe she’s taking some time to sort things out on her own before sharing the news with Wade and the rest of Bluebell.

Brick and Shelby disagree over whether they should disclose their rekindled love with Brick’s mother or keep their relationship a secret. The latter is quickly squashed when Annabeth regrettably walks in on the two kissing. Brick begs of Annabeth to lock it up until his mother leaves town; Annabeth expresses her distaste for keeping secrets from her friends.

 Lavon and George run into one another at the Rammer Jammer, hanging their heads over their childish behavior. Frank, in a timely fashion, passes along an important piece of information regarding a pricey bouquet of flowers sent by none other than Dr. Dalton himself – to a woman other than Lemon. According to Frank, the flowers were sent to Henry’s mother, but Lavon and George are not convinced. The two once again bond over a mutual suspicion of Lemon’s new beau. Although their friendship has been compromised due to their love for the same woman, it is clear that, underneath their guarded demeanors, lies a real affection for one another. It may take some time for these Southern gentlemen to mend fences, but we feel confident that the ties that have bound George and Lavon’s bromance will remain. For now, the news of Henry’s suspect flower purchase has afforded George and Lavon the excuse to continue despising one another, while still spending time together in the name of uncovering the true intentions of Dr. Dalton.

Zoe finds Annabeth on babysitting duty while Brick and Shelby sneak away for a quickie. At the sight of a baby, Zoe proceeds go into a panic in front of a waiting patient. It is obvious that the baby in her office is not the cause of her freak-out, but she passes it off as such in an effort to continue to conceal her pregnancy. Once alone, Annabeth is left frustrated with the secrets she has been ordered to keep. We know for certain she has been privy to Brick and Shelby’s secret love and Lemon’s lack thereof. Has she also been successful in uncovering what Zoe is working so hard to hide?

Having had her fill of keeping quiet on the confidentialities of one too many Bluebellians, Annabeth confronts Zoe regarding the paperwork she initially assumed proclaimed Lemon’s baby was on the way. Before Annabeth can finish a sentence, Zoe quickly dismisses any conclusions Annabeth may have drawn concerning the paperwork. Annabeth’s attempts to offer support and advice are not exactly well received. Zoe seems determined to remain in a state of denial until further notice.

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And the South was a little quieter as gay ladies everywhere ignored their cats and live-in ex-girlfriends to direct their full attention to Crickett as she enters to greet Bettie. Crickett, in an understated manner, responds to Bettie’s passive aggressive comments regarding her recent coming out with a few subtle reminders of the flaws in Bettie’s perfect, Southern family. Crickett leaves Bettie alone to consider the inconsistencies of Lemon and Henry’s love affair. Although I adore Crickett’s quick and unassuming wit, I’m disappointed to see that she would throw Lemon under the bus in an effort to take the attention off of her gayness.


Lavon and George pay a visit to the scene of the crime–the local florist in which Henry made an obscene flower purchase. George is a bit thrown off to find that the florist employee is none other than Stacy–a girl he failed to call back for a date. He is temporarily derailed from the task at hand, but attempts to get back on track by requesting information on Dr. Dalton’s recent purchase. Stacy insists that she will not be able to oblige his request. Lavon steps in with his mayoral charm and proves successful.

 Zoe is inopportunely roped into speaking on safe sex to a group of local tween girls. In lieu of the condom on a banana trick, Zoe goes into doctor mode and delivers a speech on the science of sex and reproduction. The young girls yawn through the less than riveting lesson and immediately fire away with questions ranging from inaccurate terms on sexual positions to Zoe’s magic number. Zoe responds with yet another emotional outburst laced with condom expiration dates and unplanned pregnancies. As she regains her composure, she pulls out a condom and asks if any of the young girls have a banana.

 Lemon offers some advice to Wade on how to refine his attempts in getting Zoe back.

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