Six things to do over Thanksgiving weekend (besides eating pie)


The time has come once again to remember what Thanksgiving is all about — pie.

Pie is one of life’s best gifts, whether it’s pecan or chocolate or turkey pot. But how do we fill the time before and after we fill our tummies with pie? I’m glad you asked, because I have a few suggestions of things to do over the Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Catch up on TV series.

Even if you don’t have a DVR full of missed shows waiting to be viewed, you can find most network series online. If, for example, you watched Grey’s Anatomy while Callica was on, then the lovely Liz Lemon is available for your viewing pleasure at

So is Chuck, which features most excellent butt-kicker, Agent Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski). Stop drooling on your computer, StuntDouble.

I also recommend Pushing Daisies, online at, as the perfect show to watch on this pie-centric holiday. Or if you want to feel better about your personal family drama, the sublime dysfunction of Gossip Girl is waiting at The CW.

2. Get ready for the final season of the L Word.

Showtime is not about to let us forget that the sixth season is the last.

Questionable wardrobe selection aside, has been posting L Word promotional videos and season teasers galore. Now you can watch and read everything in one sitting.

Have you forgotten what happened in Season 5? No problem; we have recaps going back to the very first episode of Season 1, “Pilot.” Hey, I never noticed before that the title of Episode 1 doesn’t start with an l-word. Weird.

3. Catch up on

Find out what lesbian characters to be thankful for. Watch Season 1 of Mel Robertson’s web series, FEED. Get a glimpse of Cherry Jones as the first lesbian president of the United States. Fuel your Rachel Maddow fantasies. See what Martina is up to — literally. Share Dorothy Snarker’s wrath brought on by the latest Out cover. Laugh with Dara and Karman about, well, everything. I could go on and on. What can I say? I like

4. Watch classic Thanksgiving episodes.

Finding those great themed episodes is a lot easier this year. has all nine Friends Thanksgiving episodes, plus the classic Gilmore GirlsDeep-fried Korean Thanksgiving.” Joost has Thanksgiving themed episodes that include Family Ties, Head of the Class and the original Beverly Hills 90210.

Fancast offers some rarely seen turkey day shows, including Father Knows Best, Jack & Bobby (Christine Lahti!), Doogie Howser, M.D. and Picket Fences. Metacafe provides clips from the original Japanese Iron Chef episode filmed specially for Americans: “Turkey Battle.”

Hulu has a special section of Thanksgiving cooking show clips, including how to make pie. Did I mention that I like pie?

To help get your TV watching started, here is the Number One Thanksgiving Television Show Of All Time, WKRPTurkeys Away.”


“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

5. Waste time online.

Let yourself be totally unproductive by checking out some sites expressly developed for that purpose. Guess the identity of celebrities by looking into their eyes at iPhoto Gallery.

Review the rules of “Shotgun.” Find out if you’re rock, paper or scissors. (I’m scissors.) Read Garfield without Garfield. Make a church sign. Make a dozen church signs.

Destroy your least favorite website. I find it deeply satisfying to nuke homophobe Fred Phelps’ site (which I refuse to link to).

Play Boomshine or Word Spy. Prove you’re smart while you feed the hungry. OK, that one is productive, but it’s still fun.

6. Give thanks.

Sure, your family bugs you. Your friends don’t get you. Your cat throws up in your shoe. Your job is a pain. But in the big picture, life is good. Seriously. Say thank-you to somebody this weekend. You’ll be thankful you did. And you probably will get more pie.

By the way, thank you for showing up day after day. Writing is much more fun when somebody reads it.

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