“Real World: Skeletons” recap (30.5): Bye, Alicia


Last week the first skeleton arrived: Alicia, Sylvia’s boss and sworn enemy. Sylvia and Alicia have a short chat and agree to stay civil towards each other in the house – or rather, Sylvia agrees not to kill Alicia because Alicia is still her boss, and she wants to go home to a job.

One of Alicia’s stories that she has been spreading around the house is that Sylvia slept with her best friend’s boyfriend. Sylvia admits to Bruno she did sleep with Alicia’s best friend’s boyfriend, but at the time she didn’t know that he was with anyone.

Meanwhile, Madison and Alicia have become BFFs, which annoys Sylvia and Violetta. As they leave to go drinking, Sylvia remarks, “I hope they get drunk and can’t find their way back home.”

The place where they decide to go drinking is Sylvia’s bar, because clearly, there aren’t any other bars they could have gone to in Chicago. Alicia flashes Sylvia’s boss a saccharine smile and tells him that she taught Sylvia everything about bartending. She even offers to work a bar shift with Sylvia and guarantees he will make more money he has ever made with the two of them slinging drinks together.

Alicia might actually be as evil as Sylvia claims. Someone better start burning sage in the house.

But first, new BFFs Madison and Alicia dance together, screaming “BFFs!” because that’s what BFFs who barely know each other do when the camera is rolling.


And they even walk home holding hands.


Meanwhile, Violetta has dragged a bench to block the front entrance so the two will either get locked out or trip over it when they get home. Tony lets them in, much to Violetta’s dismay, who wanted to see them face down, heels up.

Everyone wonders who will be the next one to be ambushed by someone from his or her past. Tony worries it may be one of his exes, specifically Alyssa, who one time picked up a brick and chased a girl down the street because she saw her talking to him.

Sylvia shows up at work and her boss Ariel tells Sylvia that Alicia said she taught Sylvia everything she knows about bartending. Sylvia leaves in a huff, finds Alicia and confronts her about the lie, and Alicia denies she ever said such a thing. Oh, you sneaky little scamp!

Later, Tony asks Madison whether Alicia told Sylvia’s boss that she taught everything Sylvia knew, and Madison confirms Alicia did. The roommates now know that Alicia is a liar.

Sylvia and Violetta have a talk with Madison, and Violetta explains to her that she wasn’t being loyal. Being BFFs with someone who only came into the house to mess with a friend is fair-weathered and two-faced. Madison says she didn’t put herself in Sylvia’s shoes and she understands now, and she apologizes to Sylvia. But isn’t there a sweet spot between throwing someone’s belongings off a balcony and becoming attached to someone’s hip?

Alicia decides spends the night in a hotel, and the next day she and Sylvia try to have a talk, but tempers flare to the point where they decide that any further talking will simply be more stressful than just ignoring each other. Alicia did finally admit she lied to Sylvia’s boss but blamed it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol.


Jason admits that he has a crush on Sylvia, who doesn’t know he is about to become a father. The boys tell him that in time, all of these pieces will fall into place and to just roll with it.

Later, Jason and Nicole argue about who should take out the garbage, and within minutes the bickering turns into an all-out war, replete with expletives.

At one point Jason screams, “I know you like pussy but you don’t have to play hard!”


Nicole is furious he outed her at work, and back at the house, the two continue screaming at each other. At one point Nicole yells that he has a daughter on the way–and criticizes him for cursing at her because she is a woman. Jason is angry that she revealed his secret, but after a cool-off period, the two hug it out.

The next morning, Alicia is nowhere to be seen. She left a note announcing her departure, which no one is sad about. Bye, Alicia!

Everyone goes out and gets drunk, yet again. Back at the house, the roommates are still drunk. Tony is on the phone with his other ex Elizabeth, and Madison grabs the phone and apologizes to her. Elizabeth hangs up on her. Then Elizabeth calls again and asks for Tony. Madison lies and tells her that Tony has passed out upstairs. In fact, Tony is right next to her. After Elizabeth is off the phone, Madison and Tony make out.

Then they have sex. D’oh. The next morning both are a bit sheepish but curious to see where this will lead.

Then the doorbell rings.


Surprise! It is Elizabeth. Everyone break out the Pringles!

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