“The L Word” Season 6 stills give us fashion crime and punishment


Death. Accusations. Investigations. Prison. Yes, yes, that’s all fine and good for the final season of The L Word. But we really want to know is how the women who long love lust actually look in the sixth season. Showtime released the first stills for the new season this week. After seeing them I’ve decided I don’t care who they kill off as long as Jennifer Beals‘ arms get to live.

While I’ll never fully understand some of the frilly, flouncy fashions the characters wears on the show, I always appreciate how the actresses pull them off. Let’s take a sneak peek at what the new season has in store. We’ll go alphabetically, so as not to play favorites.

Alice (Leisha Hailey): I had a momentary panic when I thought this was her new season 6 haircut. But it is just pulled back. False alarm, people, back to your stations.

Hey, sweetie, you need to work on your “Officer, I-didn’t-do-it face.”

Bette (Jennifer Beals): Wait, is she wearing a giant BeDazzled butterfly bow?

Damn, she is.

Helena (Rachel Shelley): What, me worry?

Ilene Chaiken wouldn’t kill me off — hey, is that a gun?

Jenny (Mia Kirshner): I picked this shirt because I know Adele doesn’t have the same one.

I picked this shirt out because it makes me look like a Tiffany lamp. Stop snickering, Alice.

Kit (Pam Grier): If I smile, maybe I’ll get some lines this year.

What? It doesn’t hurt to try. I can’t just say “baby girl” in every episode.

Shane (Kate Moennig): Look, it’s laundry day. These pants were the best I could do.

Sorry, I finally caught a look at myself in the full-length mirror in these pants.

Tasha (Rose Rollins): A vest over a vest? OK, Ilene, you’re the boss.

Oh, who cares about the double-vests, where was I?

Tina (Laurel Holloman): A dress with a plastic hem and cuffs takes skill to pull off and possibly a lot of baby powder.

Don’t move, Bette — your neck is being attacked by paper mâché flowers.

Just in case all the crazy fashions weren’t enough, a look at something that will surely get the comments section buzzing. Shenny, Shenny, who can I turn to?

Finally, since it seems that no new day would be complete without a new L Word promo, take a glimpse at the first 40-seconds of the new season.

Hi, Lucy Lawless. Guess you didn’t think you’d be signing up for Murder, Ilene Wrote.

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