“Pretty Little Liars” recap (5.15): Give it Up, You’re All Going to Hollis


Emily rushes into the New Brew to find Ezra chatting up Talia, a caterer who knows how to cook/is not a minor. Emily asks Ezra for a raise, and when he blows her off she storms into the kitchen to furiously make empanadas. Then, Talia disses Emily’s empanada filling and I fully expected Emily to slap her in the face Leona Vanderwaal-style.

pll138Emily, is this just a bowl of wet croutons?

pll140 If I see one more empanada stuffing double entendre on Twitter I will murder all of you with this rolling pin!

Emily says, “If I wanted dough advice, I’d ask my mom!”

  1. Emily cannot do snappy comebacks.

Caleb tells Spencer that he tried to throw the knife into the lake but he couldn’t do it. I assume it’s because the lake is already filled to the brim with broken masks of Melissa Hastings’ face. They come up with the brilliant idea of burning the knife in the pottery kiln at school, which proves that neither of them understand the mechanics of a pottery kiln.

pll144Caleb can hack into the Pentagon but he can’t turn on a giant oven.

While Caleb tries to figure out how to bake the knife into the world’s largest ashtray, Spencer hears scuttling in the halls and goes to investigate. As soon as she leaves, Caleb gets himself locked in the kiln and starts cooking like a rotisserie chicken.

pll155The wrong way to get baked in art class.

Aria goes to Talmadge to try to undo her crazy letter, but Jackie has already read it. And LOVED IT. She promises Aria she won’t share it with Ezra, and all but assures her an acceptance letter.

pll154I’ll call Maggie, she’ll be psyched to have you join our book club!

Spencer finally finds Caleb and rescues him from the Oven of Death. The knife is gone, because of course it is.

pll158How’s the ashtray looking?

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