Tymberlee Hill praises her “Marry Me” love interest, Ana Ortiz


A few days ago, I got the opportunity to visit the set of the hilarious NBC comedy, Marry Me to observe production and chat with the cast. I got the scoop on upcoming episodes. Next week’s episode features Jerry O’Connell (The League) as one of Jake’s long lost friends whom Annie tries to reunite with Jake when she realizes that he needs more groomsmen to match her nine bridesmaids. And then there’s the one that airs on Feb 3rd, where Gil attempts to throw Jake a bachelor party while Annie and Dennah sign Jake’s mom, Myrna, up for online dating.


The cast gushed over the fabulous co-stars they’ve had the opportunity to work with including Matthew Del Negro (Scandal), who plays a fireman that both Dennah and Gil become obsessed with, and Nia Vardalos, who plays Annie’s biological mom in a future episode. They also shared their wish list for actors they would love to see on the show if they were granted a second series. JoBeth Williams would love for Viggo Mortensen to play a potential love interest for Myrna, while Tymberlee Hill confessed that working with Whoopi Goldberg would be a dream come true.

Tymberlee Hill was also kind enough to share with me her thoughts on Kay’s love life and her hopes for Kay in season 2.

“You know, I think I would like for Kay not to keep playing the field,” says Hill. “This season I’ve had like four, not even just mentions, but actual human actor bodies in here as (Kay’s) girlfriendsall crazy but all very attractive. I don’t know if Kay will settle down or not. I like her wild, but I think it would be fun to see her in that circumstance.”

 spoil me

One reason Hill likes the idea of Kay settling down a bit is because it would be interesting for her to explore personally. “We have a lot of relationship issues in common. I don’t suppose that has anything to do with being friends with David,” offers Hill who is a longtime friend of the show’s star, Casey Wilson, and her husband, Marry Me creator and showrunner, David Caspe.

Though Hill isn’t sure what the fate of Kay’s love life will be, she is a big fan of her latest co-star Ana Ortiz who will play, Kay’s girlfriend Haley for several episodes later this season.

“Ana Ortiz has come on to play my girlfriend and she is great! Above and beyond! She is the most fun. I have literally fallen in love with her! She just came in like pow! I mean, she’s on!” Hill gushes.

ana ortiz no hate photo by Adam Bouska

Though Hill has kissed “tons of dudes” on stage, her kiss with Ortiz was her first onscreen kiss of any kind. “I’ve never kissed anyone on camera and when I finally did it’s a woman, and then it’s Ana Ortiz! I was like, ‘Thank God!’ It was terrifying. I kept thinking, ‘Who will it be? What if she’s a bitch?’ Neither one of us had ever kissed a woman on screen before and I thought I would be the only one who is nervous or even thinking about something like that, but it was so lovely. There was this weird moment where we were both supposed to do it and neither one of us was saying anything and then she was like, (whispers) ‘I’m going to kiss you this time’ and I was like ‘OK. Good, Good, Good. OK.’”

The kiss came as a relief because it’s the anticipation that causes the nervous energy. “Because you know for the rehearsals, you don’t kiss, and you don’t kiss, and you don’t kiss. And then (once you do) it’s fine. It’s not awkward at all,” adds Hill.

Obviously the chemistry between Hill and Ortiz is strong because they kept bringing Ortiz back for more and more episodes.


“I don’t know if Kay will continue to have a girlfriend but she’s really been integrated into the show. I told her last night, “It’s like you were never not here.”

It seems that Tymberlee Hill is hopeful about Kay’s future with Haley. She keeps telling Ortiz, “You might be my woman. You might be my woman!”

I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed.

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