Catch up on “Degrassi” before tonight’s winter finale


A lot has happened on Degrassi over the past couple of weeks. And yet, there is a lot more drama in store for tonight’s winter finale. Just in case you’ve fallen behind, allow me to catch you up.

The Oomfchat Scandal:

The Power Cheer team, led by Zoe, has been anonymously Oomfchatting (that’s Snapchat in Degrassi language) pics of their boobs in exchange for money in order to pay for the training equipment, uniforms, transportation, and entrance fees for their cheer competitions. Frankie did it once, but couldn’t bear to do it again, and thus got kicked off the team. The rest of the girls are totally on board, including Jack. The team is rolling in the money and covering their tracks by claiming to get all their funds from their weekly bake sales.

Power cheer

But someone is on to them. First, Zoey gets an anonymous text demanding that she quit the team or else risk being exposed. Zoe doesn’t want to quit because for the first time, she feels like she has friends. She feels like being a part of the team means she has a place to belong at Degrassi. So, instead, she shuts the operation down thinking that she and the rest of the team will be safe if they destroy the evidence. But the blackmailer won’t go away that easily. The rest of the team soon receives similar threats: Kick Zoe off the team or else.

Instead of turning on Zoe, the team works together to find the blackmailer. Grace helps them find out where the message is coming from and since the messages are being sent from the Hollingsworth home, they assume the blackmailer is Hunter, so they intimidate him into silence. But they threatened the wrong guy.

After the Oomfchat scandal gets out, it turns out that Winston was the blackmailer all along. He did it to make Zoe pay for kicking Frankie off the team. He wanted to force Zoe off the squad so Frankie could take her place. But as with most revenge plots, it backfires. Zoe decides that she’s not going down without a fight and instead creates a Face Range page (aka Facebook page) that claims that Frankie was the one behind it all. The news comes out three days before the polls open on Mr. Hollingsworth’s re-election campaign so even though he knows it’s not true, he asks Frankie to take the fall now so as to have it all swept under the rug before it’s time to vote. Frankie runs to Winston to lament about how unfair the world is and decides that he was right to take matters into his own hands. She wants Zoe to pay for what she has done.

Frankie and Winston

I don’t see this ending well.

The Intervention:

Miles has been skipping class, acting moody, and treating everyone around him like crap. Maya notices a change in him and it weighs on her, causing her to have some pretty vivid nightmares about Miles falling. When she expresses her concerns she is painted as crazy. Maya may be overly anxious, but she’s not wrong. Miles’ behavior soon spirals out of control. It becomes obvious that Miles is addicted to weed so Frankie, Hunter, Winston and Tristan stage an intervention.


Unfortunately, the intervention doesn’t go well. As a matter of fact, it just pisses Miles off and causes him to run off in such a hurried rage that he backs into Maya on her bike as he tries to peel out of there. Since he ruined Maya’s bike, he drives her to her therapy appointment and then gets high while he waits. On the way back to school after Maya’s session, Miles is distracted and speeding and slams right into Dallas’ open car door. Afraid to piss off his dad with a DUI, Miles keeps driving.

Miles and Maya

Maya tries to cover for him and even lies to the police for him, but ultimately realizes that she can’t keep trying to help someone who won’t help himself.

Clare’s baby daddy:

When Drew first found out that Clare was pregnant with their child, he was not at all thrilled. Neither was his girlfriend, Becky. However, Drew and Becky managed to keep their relationship together while Drew also accompanies Clare to her doctor’s appointments. That is, until Drew accidentally slips and tells Becky’s conservative grandmother that he is having a child with another woman. Knowing that he can’t do it all, he decides that his child must come first and he breaks up with Becky. Becky is furious and refuses to be broken up with. No, she says, she breaks up with him. And in case he didn’t know if she was serious or not, she throws her smoothie on him.

Clare's ultrasound

This probably seems like a sacrifice Drew is willing to make for the sake of his child. But what will happen when he finds out that the child isn’t his? Clare discovers at her ultrasound that she is 16 weeks pregnant, not 12. That means Eli is the father, not Drew!

Imogen +Jack=Stronger Than Ever

Despite all the drama that has been plaguing Degrassi High school, Imogen and Jack’s relationship has been able to rise above it. Sure, Imogen was pretty hurt when she discovered that Jack and the rest of the cheerleaders were sending out pictures of their boobs for money. Especially, since the only reason Imogen found out was because she was investigating Degrassi Nudes. Jack doesn’t understand what the big deal is. She doesn’t care if stupid boys see her boobs. Yet, Imogen considered it akin to cheating. Afterall, if Jack will show her boobs to anyone, than it’s not special when she shows them to Imogen.


Imogen briefly considers Oomfchatting pictures of her own boobs to even the score, but (thankfully) Eli talks her out of that. Instead, she just has a conversation with Jack and they kiss and makeup.

What do you think? Is it cheating if someone shows their naked body parts for money, without their significant other’s knowledge?

The Degrassi Winter Finale airs tonight at 9pm

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