Interview with Gabrielle Christian


AE: On the other hand, there was a

scene where Spencer drops her raincoat in front of Ashley, and you were naked. That

was pretty titillating.

I think in the third season, you do see a little bit more of it.

Especially with Spencer and some of the other girls that she starts to date. In

the beginning in the first two seasons, Spencer’s still a little bit scared and

not so sure of herself.

The way they described it to Mandy and me was that our love is so innocent,

and so new. And [Spencer] had never been with a girl before, so it’s all


But I don’t know. When I was in high school, I had my first love and we made

out all the time. We were very affectionate. And that’s all you really want to

do when you’re in high school. Especially for your first love, when you first

start exploring physicality with people.

AE: Oh boy. I think there are fans

who would like you to write the show.

And you’re going to see – you’re not going to see it in the series’ last

TV episode – but we did do a webisode for the finale. And you see where they

are in five years.

Warning: finale spoilers!

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AE: Can you tell me what happens?

[laughs] I don’t think so. It’s not something I’m too proud of.

AE: Why?

I like it, but it’s really cheesified. It’s a two-minute webisode for a

four-season series finale, so I had higher expectations, I guess I should say.

But I mean, it’s good. I think it’s giving the fans what they want to see. But

it just doesn’t have much depth to it. And it’s kind of like the perfect Hollywood ending.

AE: So, it wraps up too neatly with a

bow? That’s lame.

Yeah, where we filmed the last TV episode, it’s kind of like a

cliffhanger. You don’t know where they’re going to be the next day and then the

two-minute webisode fast-forwards to five years later. It’s like, “Oh!

Happy-go-lucky people!” And I don’t think life works that way. Our show

was so authentic and so real – especially in the first season, which is still

my favorite season – but we’re so melodramatic [in the webisode], it’s to the

point where everything’s completely predictable.

AE: If they bothered to produce a

webisode, why is it only two minutes?

Maybe it’s four minutes. But it’s only two and a half, maybe three

pages of dialogue and we just kind of did it to please the fan base.

AE: Who’s in the webisode? You, Mandy

and who else?

And Matt [Cohen].

AE: Just the Spencer, Ashley and

Aiden characters?

Just the three of us. That’s all I can say! And it’s cheesified! And

it’s ridiculous! And it’s so

predictable. I’m sure you can just imagine what happens.

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