Jennifer Westfeldt gets a room at Seattle Grace


The Grey’s Anatomy surprises keep rolling in. The latest is that writer and actress Jennifer Westfeldt will join the cast this season for multiple episodes and will be playing a patient. No word yet on when her storyline will premiere, or any details about her character.

Westfeldt had a role on the recently canceled ABC sitcom Notes from the Underbelly, and is working on Then Again, a Hallmark Channel original movie slated to premiere in 2009.

But Westfeldt is perhaps best known for co-writing and starring in the indie romantic comedy hit Kissing Jessica Stein (2001), in which she tormented her girlfriend (Kissing co-writer Heather Juergensen) with a variety of neurotic objections and ailments before they split and she moved on to aggravate a new (and this time male) partner.

Helen Juergensen and Jennifer Westfeldt in Kissing Jessica Stein

Since there’s scant information about the role she’ll play on Grey’s Anatomy, I can’t help but picture Westfeldt as Jessica Stein checked in at Seattle Grace Hospital, where an array of tests are being run to determine whether or not being annoying is an incurable condition.

The only good part of my imaginary storyline? The amazing Tovah Feldshuh, who played Westfeldt’s mother, Judy, in Kissing Jessica Stein. She would undoubtedly be there to both coddle and pester her skittish daughter, and maybe even successfully set her up with a nice doctor.

Any chance that doctor could be Callie Torres? If Westfeldt/Stein’s stay at Seattle Grace coincides with sweeps week, then it just might happen!

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