“Boy Meets Girl,” boy becomes girl, girl gets girl


Good news for our UK readers: the long-awaited four-part comedy/drama, Boy Meets Girl will premiere in early 2009 on ITV1 (exact date TBA).

Why is a show with a title like that good news for AfterEllen.com readers? Two words: Rachael Stirling. Yes, that Rachael Stirling.

Boy Meets Girl, which stars Stirling and Martin Freeman, is billed as “a ripping gender swap comedy,” which means that the plot is all too predictable. Freeman’s character Danny works in a do-it-yourself store; Stirling’s Veronica is a high-profile fashion journalist. In a freak lightning accident (as if there’s any other kind), the two swap bodies. Hilarity ensues.

We do, however, have the promise of a lesbian storyline, sort of. When Danny visits his workplace in the body of gorgeous Veronica, his crush, Fiona shows interest for the first time. In other words, Fiona wants Veronica, not Danny. Angela Griffin plays Fiona.

The trailer confirms that some velvet tipping definitely is happening.


We’ll keep you posted on the premier date. Meanwhile, let us know if you’re looking forward to this show. I know I wouldn’t mind seeing Stirling and Griffin in more than a one-night-stand.

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