Rachel Maddow is crush-worthy on all accounts


When Newsweek‘s Dec. 1 issue hits stands, it’s going to have a little piece of non-news in the Rachel Maddow profile: “Her fans find her adorable, often confessing to crushes on her.”

Newsweek is the latest print publication to devote multiple pages to Maddow, and while some of the information has been around for a while (lesbian, doubled MSNBC’s ratings, keeps comic books by her bed), there’s a personal element to the story that is fresh and, frankly, really sweet.

For example, here’s Maddow on her partner, Susan Mikula: “… If it made sense for my relationship with Susan that I needed to stop being on TV, and stop being on the radio, and go live full time in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and raise chickens, we’d go live in the Upper Peninsula and raise chickens. It’s the single clearest thing in my life.”

On why she won’t get married: “We both have a real fondness for the outsider part of our gay culture.”

On falling in love the moment she and Mikula met: “It was irrational and spiritual and unexpected, and there was a moment where it was like time stopped and it was just like, OK, my whole life is different now.”

Maddow also appeared on Conan on Friday night.

In one of her most amusing interviews ever, she talks about growing up playing “Iran” with her brother, a game in which she lined up the neighborhood kids according to height and acted out the Iraq-Iran war. She also tells Conan that a lot of straight men send her fan mail asking if being in love with her makes them lesbians.

Watch the entire interview below. (Rachel Maddow appears at 28:06.)

One of the best part of the Newsweek article on Maddow was a quip from Mikula. She wonders why people always label Maddow is such an “unlikely” success story. “She goes from Stanford to Oxford to activism to radio, then TV? What’s so unusual about that? Is it because she is a gay lady?”

Unlikely or not, Newsweek‘s right: the world has got a crush on Rachel Maddow, which kind of makes me think we’re sorting out our priorities.

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