Lesbian love on Puerto Rico’s “Al Borde del Deseo”


Thanks to AfterEllen.com reader Miss Cyanide, we’ve learned about a new television series from Puerto Rico called Al Borde

del Deseo
(On the Border of Desire) that is garnering attention for its portrayal of a lesbian affair.

The women of Al Borde

del Deseo

On the website, the show is described as follows (translation courtesy of Wikipedia):

Al Borde

del Deseo
is the true story of passionate women who share their experiences of love and disaffection in a modern world, struggling to enjoy an economic and professional position similar to that of men. They are women of different social classes, values and lifestyles opposites. Women who go through life trying to find happiness in a drama-laden comedy, that we are unveiling their aspirations, privacy, hopes, and of course their shenanigans. Women, who learn late in her life, to enjoy an independent life, ready to claim, what belongs to them. It is the story of women in common, not trying to be bigger than life itself but on the contrary, reflect the daily life of women working and struggling to achieve something better than what life has led them.”

This show sounds like the amalgamation of several sensationalistic U.S. television shows. I think the actual translation of it’s title in English would be, The Secret Lives of Women Who Have Snapped While Writing in Their Red Shoe Diaries.

According to Miss Cyanide, the lesbian subplot in question revolves around a relationship between a middle-aged mother of two, Cecilia (Sully Diaz) and (naturally) a police officer, played by former body-builder and (rumored to be bisexual) actress Nashali Enchautegui.

Sully Diaz and Nashali Enchautegui

On the website for the show (translation by Wikipedia), Cecilia’s character is described as “a woman of middle class, married, apparently happy but troubled because her soldier husband, lies in the War of Iraq. But her life is about to be agitated to see a forbidden love in your life, a love differently. A love that will limit the strength of their marriage, and that will endanger her life and that of their daughters when her husband returns from war and discovers that her wife’s lover is her own sister.”

I’m hoping that what’s written above is a typo, and that what they meant to write was “his wife’s lover is his own sister.”

You know it’s bad when your best case scenario is that one of the rare lesbian or bisexual characters on television is screwing around with her sister-in-law, and not her sister.

Besides, I think MTV pretty much has the latter covered.

The show premiered on Oct. 29 and is slated to run through April 2009 (on WAPA in Puerto Rico

and WAPA America in the United States).

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