“Marry Me” recap (1.9): Test Me


Marry Me is back after a short hiatus and so is the witty banter between Jake, Annie and all their friends. Although this latest episode didn’t contain as many of Kay’s signature funny facial expressions as I would like, it still delivered tons of laughs.

The episode begins in a boutique baby store where the gang is trying to decide on a gift for yet another baby shower thrown in honor of Dr. and Libby Berman, a couple that no one really likes. How much do they dislike them? Well, they can’t even remember one half of the couple’s first name, and instead just call him “What’s His Name” or “Doctor.”

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Though it’s tempting to just stop being friends with Libby and…her man, instead of buying them another expensive gift like the teddy bear nanny cam Kay got them for their first shower (or was it the third one?), Jake and Annie can’t dump them just yet. Jake has an appointment to see the doctor to get his junk tested. That’s right. His junk. It seems that the unnamed doctor is a fertility specialist and Annie and Jake are kinda, sorta, ready to start preparing for possibly talking about considering a time in the future where they may want to have kids.

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So even though they don’t even know the guy’s first name (could it be Henry? Mark? Steve?) the whole gang shows up to the owl-themed party. After giving Annie and Jake a short tour of the owl nursery (owl sheets, owl humidifier, a scary taxidermied owl perched menacingly on the wall)

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Libby takes Annie to the kitchen to cut the owl cake and Jake and … (Glenn? Ben?)… “Doctor” chat about Jake’s upcoming appointment. “What’s His Name” gives Jake some advice on how to keep his sperm count up including staying away from things that can negatively affect his numbers such as a poor diet, weed, alcohol, tight underwear, spandex shorts, and carrying cell phones in his pants.

Jake, being Jake, freaks out and when Annie rejoins him in the nursery he makes a ridiculous excuse as to why he can’t make it to his fertility appointment the next day. Annie suspects that something is up, but Jake sticks to his story- that he has to go to Detroit with his Mother on the day of his appointment.

Later, Kay says something funny about the news that they are watching on television, but Annie is distracted by Jake’s weird behavior. When she tells Kay that she’s convinced something must’ve happened in the nursery after she left, Kay suggests that Annie simply watch the footage recorded on the nanny cam. If anything happened in the nursery, the camera would’ve have caught it all.

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