“Gotham” recap (1.11): It’s a Mad, Mad World


Welcome back to Gotham, the town where lesbians live in bedrooms and people sleep at work apparently. Does no one ever go home on this show? Does Fish Mooney even have a home or does she sleep under the stage in a feather-lined basket?

We open at Arkham, where Jim Gordon has been demoted to lowly security guard. The inmates are putting on a production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, but I’m too distracted by the performer dressed like Edward Scissorhands. Who gives a criminally insane person scissor hands? I feel like this costume choice is a metaphor for the way Arkham is run.

G1.1101Scissor hands? Check. Tampon hat? Double check.

Anyhoozle, Gordon watches the play as we check in with other Gothamites, specifically Barbara, who is still in bed with Renee (get it girl!) and a spilled bottle of pills (uhoh). And just in case you forgot that Renee is a recovering addict (because the show mentioned it one time) we get a “previously on” clip to remind us.

gotham1.1102Drunk/drugged in love

Back at the Crazytown Playhouse, an inmate called Frogman has had enough of the show. He starts beating up the actors and an all-out brawl breaks out. Everyone’s a critic.

We then go to the infirmary, where the attacked inmate is receiving medical attention while Gordon gets chewed out by his boss Director Dr. Lang. Lang blames Gordon for the fight, despite there being only two guards in charge of a crowd of criminally insane people.

g1.1103Move over Lauren, there’s a new Dr. Hotpants in town

They are joined by Dr. Leslie Thompkins, the only doctor in all of Arkham apparently. Luckily for us, she’s played by Morena Baccarin, who you may remember as Inara from Firefly or Mrs. Brody from Homeland. Dr. Thompkins has no fucks to give, as evidenced by her slapping a patient in the face. Gordon seems to have no problem with her bedside manner, and the two engage in some flirty banter. Even the inmate is like, “Get a room, pervs.”

Meanwhile, Selina is sneaking around the rainy streets when she finds Ivy camped out in some garbage. Since Ivy is sick, Selina takes her to Gordon’s apartment, which is basically abandoned. Does Jim not live there anymore? I’m operating off a theory that basically everyone in Gotham City is homeless by choice.

g1.1104I’m fine, I’m just workshopping the second act of Rent

Over at the waterfront, the Penguin is trying to shake down some fishermen for more money. The fisherman call the cops, who punch out Penguin and arrest him. What is it about the Penguin’s face that is so imminently punchable?

g1.1105Yeah I wear my pants up to my nips, what’s it to ya?

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