Welcome to the “Dollhouse”


It’s safe to say that the mythical “long and winding road” doesn’t lead to your door, it leads to Eliza Dushku‘s door at Dollhouse.

Since the show’s was first announced, we’ve kept you updated on the considerable production hiccups encountered by series creator Joss Whedon, made some helpful casting suggestions, and even taken you on a vicarious tour of the set.

And now, as the Feb. 13 premiere date draws closer, FOX has made it possible for us to share with you a few new stills from some upcoming episodes.

In the bank vault scene below, you’ll be happy to note Dushku’s return to her roots (aka clad in black leather pants):

Next, we see Echo (Dushku) running through the woods with a trusty walkie-talkie dangling from her pocket. (I think my mother has the same picture of me at home somewhere, though I was 30 pounds heavier and about 20 years younger than Eliza when it was taken.)

And from the look of the photo below, someone with extremely poor judgment took a swing at Echo and got blood all over her dainty little pullover. They have no idea who they’re dealing with, do they?

I’d like to challenge you to a game of “Caption This Photo” with any of the pictures above, but keep it (relatively) clean kids!

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