Morning Brew – Kate McKinnon and Jane Lynch honor Lily Tomlin tonight


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Tonight you can watch Lily Tomlin on the 37th annual Kennedy Center Honors (CBS, 9pm ET/PT). Jane Lynch and Kate McKinnon will be on hand to honor Ms. Tomlin.

OutSports has named Brittney Griner their Female Athlete of the Year. Well-deserved! Runners-up include  Ireen Wüst and Tina Hillman. The site’s Female Hero of the Year is Karen Morrison, the NCAA’s Director of Inclusion.

The New Yorker wonders how same-sex marriage will work in the South

Meshell Ndegeocello‘s “Conviction” made the list of Spin’s 40 Best Songs from 1994.

Rolling Stone writes about 2014’s being a breakthrough year for LGBT people in country music.

Flavorwire thinks 2014 was the year of the realistic LGBTQ teen on TV.

Brooke Vincent has been on Coronation Street for 10 years, but she says she still doesn’t feel like an actress.

“I never feel qualified enough to call myself an actressI think of myself as a part-time lesbian!”

But Brooke, when you are playing a lesbian, you are acting….no?

Last Tango in Halifax star Sarah Lankshire loves playing Caroline so much, she says she’d do it until “the day [she] die[s].” Good, we’re prepared to keep watching.

Selma star Tessa Thompson reminisces about her first-ever TV role on Cold Case.

“The whole episode was basically trying to figure out that these women were so in love but couldn’t be together obviously, because of the time: They were interracial, not just lesbian, and so they were super star-crossed. They end up doing a suicide thing together, like driving off a bridge so they can be together forever.”


Happy 30th birthday to the Wild Rose, Seattle’s long-standing lesbian bar!

Uber-Christian homophobe Michelle Duggar has a secret lesbian sister. (There’s one in every family, especially if you have a huge family.) Evelyn Ruark is 63 and lives with her partner, Sharon Callahan, in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Scottish singer Horse McDonald is launching a new LGBT History Month event in South Lanarkshire.

Carol director Todd Hayes says he’s happy with how the film turned out, which makes me even more excited to see it.

I’m so happy. It came out beautifully. We literally just finished completing all the deliverable requirements for it. It’s weird, because it’s so late in this year, but there was no way to make any festival’s deadline for it. We all thought it would benefit from a festival launch, so we decided to wait. It’s not going to come out until next year, and it’s going to be torturous to wait that long.

You know, it’s set in the ’50s, and it’s a very different kind of ’50s film than Far from Heaven was. The feel of it is much less inspired by ’50s cinema, and more by, I guess, photojournalism and a lot of the art photography we were seeing at the time, which has much more gritty… it’s a very poised film, because it has a real sense of control to it. The look of it is much more distressed.

It’s set in the early ’50s, before the Eisenhower era had really taken hold. It was a really transformational and unstable time from the war years into the beginning to what would become the ’50s as we know them. The historical imagery and references we uncovered showed New York was really like an old-world city in great duress: very dirty, very dingy, and very neglected.

I thought it was such an interesting place to mount this, ultimately, very pure and simple love story between a younger woman and older woman at the most unexpected cultural moment and place. For me, the look of it is very unique. The performances from everybody are just lovely. I’m dying for it to come out, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer.


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