20 Instagram It-Girls of 2014



itgirlstopInfamy has never been easier. Fame used to be an inaccessible and expensive endeavor, a matter of studios, agents, producers, editors, networking, and the well-placed casting couch.

No more! Social media shattered barricades and created a diverse and rapidly multiplying selection of entertaining internet folk. Not quite celebrities, not necessarily elite, not inherently accomplished, and not particularly wealthy, the online famous are a tricky lot to define. To me, these oddly fascinating creatures are it-girls of the internet age; relatable new Edies or Alexas, who fascinate strangers simply by existing. These new it-girls use sheer force of personality rather than the traditional trappings of family money or modeling portfolios… although God knows, those help.

Much ado (not to mention some epic whining) has been made about the now vast assortment of online power players, usually by hetero white basic bitches/bros who are boring and super bitter about it. I think homos want and deserve queer it-girls of our very own. Yet I also dislike anyone vapid, stupid, obnoxious, or otherwise #thirsty, regardless of sexual orientation. So I scanned Instagram, weeded out the imbeciles, and compiled this delightful list of 20 Queer Instagram It-Girls. Made up of comedians, athletes, chefs, models, photographers, writers, musicians, and filmmakers, these girls are out, awesome, and all up on Instagram. Power couples are smushed together because clearly they like it like that. Scroll, follow, judge, whatever.

1. Angel Haze x Ireland Baldwin


Social media killed the mystery of love. More fun for the spectators. Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin on Instagram are like a gay American Apparel ad.

2. Aryka Randall x The Fab Femme


All hail the most fabulous of femmes: Aryka Randall, creator of the outrageously popular entertainment/pop culture/fashion blog thefabfemme.com.

3. Tasya Van Ree


Cooler than you yesterday, today, tomorrow, in the crypt.

4. Madison Paige x Alyx Bateman


Blonde boi on blonde boi. Be still, loins.