“The Comeback” recap (2.8): Valerie gets what she really wants


Well, we did it. We made it to the Emmys. The season finale of The Comeback is a wild ride, so grab your box of tissues, because there won’t be a single dry seat in the house.

The finale opens with Val in the car with Mickey and Jane, as it is the night of Juna’s big party. Juna was a Val’s saving grace on the set of Room and Bored, but we haven’t seen much of her this season because she has been off becoming a huge movie star. We trust Juna, we love Juna, Juna is insanely hot. In the car, Mickey is worried he looks as pale as his “mother if she ever went to China.” Mickey does look a little pale, and we know he has been battling cancer. When the door man comes to the car door, Valerie gives her name, but the guy says she isn’t on the list! Jane has a really adorable freak out, stating that Valerie is an Emmy nominated actress and that she shouldn’t be treated like some party crasher. Jane proves that she truly is Val’s Samwise Gamgee.

Car List

Inside, Val tells us that Juna’s party is an institution. She throws it around award season, so everyone is in a good mood! Val surely is! She dances out to the pool area, in a way only Valerie can, entering into a group of people that begin to clap and cheer. Val grabs Mickey so they can see who everyone is freaking out about, and Mickey spots “a boy that looks like Tilda Swinton,” but it turns out everyone is clapping for Val! This is a big deal, and you can see her lighting up inside. Acceptance. Gratification. Feels nice.

Clapping for Val

Valerie finds Juna looking grave. Juna pulls her aside, and asks about how Mickey is doing. She says his light seems like it has dimmed, and that she is really worried. But there is something else! Juna says that she is worried Val “isn’t seeing things clearly.” The two scurry further away from the crowd, and Juna says that she was hurt by what she saw in Seeing Red. The way she was portrayed in the show was really painful, and Val’s involvement in the show seemed like an endorsement. She was made to look like she slept around for parts, and now she has to do a lot of damage control in her own career. She doesn’t think any role is worth compromising who you are. Also, it is annoying that Seth is charming and the women are horrible. HELLO, HOLLYWOOD. 

Juna Disappointed

I agree with Juna, the lovely little voice of reason. Val reveals that her and Mark are having a difficult time, and Juna says “Val, you need Mark”, which is, like, alright now I’m crying. Juna hugs her for way too long, and it would be hot if it weren’t so damn sad. Suddenly, Val’s nephew Tyler jumps off of the balcony into the pool. Saved by the bell.

Val Juna too long hug